The Contract Seal

Referring come the article from into–the–abyss around the contract seal:


I researched the definition of the words and also its sigils/symbols created in the pentagram. I think it’s quite interesting, the sounds yes, really familiar.

Abdia: i conjure thee in secret. (Ciel accidentally summons Sebastian; nobody knows)

Ballaton: Come forth from thy abode and speak clearly in my speech. (Sebastian speaks English)

Bellony: placed forth her might and discover depend me the knowledge and power in thy keep. (Ciel uses Sebastian’s strength to attain his goals)Halliy: price in the inward silence all of my questions without fail. (Ciel orders Sebastian the he shall never lie)Halliza: Assume and also show forth depend me thy type of magnificent perfection. (Sebastian shows up in human kind as the perfect butler)Soluzen: open unto me thy secret door and also fulfill me of mine purpose. (Sebastian shall aid Ciel to attain his revenge)

In a way, the contract seal visibly holds all the problems of the contract in between Ciel and also Sebastian.

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There space two key differences between Sebastian’s contract seal and also the initial pentagram of Solomon:


One is the ring/chain/circle around the pentacle that Sebastian’s seal (that remarkably resembles Undertaker’s scars yet that’s another story). It might symbolize the bond/chain in between master and servant.And the other is that Sebastian’s seal is turned upside down. Originally, a pentagram through a solitary point projecting upwards to be a Christian symbol because that the five senses and protected versus evil. Vice versa, a reversed pentagram (like Sebastian’s) is linked with evil and also occultism.

So what might this mean? The method the contract functions in both story (Solomon’s and Kuro) is quite similar. The grasp who hold the contract has actually power end the demon. Therefore, both seals look nearly alike.In the story the Solomon the demon was compelled into servitude through the boy who threw the ring (that had actually been offered to Solomon after ~ he had prayed come God) in ~ him. In Kuro, however, Sebastian appeared of his own will after ~ Ciel had lost faith in God and virtually forced Ciel to do a contract through him (seeing the Ciel had no other choice (than death) in ~ this point).

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Perhaps this difference is symbolized through the reversed pentagram.