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Linear storytelling is not my style, yet in this case of composing a description of mine road pilgrimage from St. Augustine come Norfolk, Virginia there is logic in stepping back in time from digital imagery where any type of location in the story is instantly accessible. I’ll shot and monitor the straight roads of take trip that take it me southern to north follow me the south-east Atlantic coastline region.

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St. Augustine, Florida come Savannah Georgia is 180 miles on I-95.

This segment of mine road pilgrimage took me southern from Jacksonville come St. Augustine, Florida ~ above I-95. Mine original plan was come drive along the Florida beaches right into Georgia. The plan changed once ns realized that a cloudless Sunday in the 90s expected one million other road trippers had the exact same idea.


A1A and bridge web traffic from old city St. Augustine to the beaches.

Sitting in website traffic was no my desire, so ns headed inland.

My brand-new plan was to drive follow me the St. Johns river on U.S. Course 17, one indirect alternate road come I-95 in northern Florida. The federal government highway I-95 might have taken me 180 miles from St. Augustine to Savannah in less than 3 hours. I spent around six hrs making a slower drive on route 17 and other earlier roads in Florida and Georgia. The towns and people follow me the means are what make this trip an adventure and also that made every the difference.

And i ain’t gained no worries‘Cause ns ain’t in no rush at every

Doobie brother – black Water (YouTube)

One that the attributes of control a rental car through the southern was finding a big number of standard Rock radio stations along the way. Jacksonville’s The Eagle 96.9 brought me many of the an initial day come Savannah. Ns was surprised to hear The Eagle radio station number of days later on when steering the Outer financial institutions of phibìc Carolina about 500 mile farther north.

This is no lie. I heard the Doobie brother Black Water every single day of mine road trip in every state native Florida, Georgia, south Carolina, north Carolina and Virginia. That is one famous song in the south. The track is about the Mississippi River. The Doobie brothers band began their career play clubs roughly my area of northern California in the early 70s.


From US path 1 in St. Augustine, ns drove west ~ above rural roads 16 come 13 come U.S. Route 17. Around 30 minute after leaving St. Augustine the photo of green trees mirroring off the water from a bridge referred to as me turn off the roadway to acquire next come the water’s edge.

Trout Creek was the an initial occurrence of talk with anglers along the road. With the exception of part Latinos fishing top top the St. Johns River and also one white guy fishing with number of black males near St. Simons Island in Georgia, all the anglers I encountered ~ above the docks follow me my expedition in the south were black color men, native young guys in their teens and also twenties to old retired men.


Heading right into the forest waterway by small boat in ~ Trout Creek, Florida.

The fisherman ns met in ~ Trout Creek to be a Californian who visited college in Miami and also stayed in Florida structure condominiums. The looked the dimension of a linebacker.

He suggested I prevent a couple of miles down the road before crossing the bridge right into Clay County for scenic views of the St. Johns River.


St. Johns River, Florida is the very same river the runs with Jacksonville. In ~ this suggest Shands leg crosses the St. Johns River. I read an short article from the year 2000 around another bridge project to overcome the mile wide length the the St. Johns River between Clay and also St, Johns County and also relieve traffic congestion, however, there to be opposition come bringing website traffic on path 13 in St. Johns wherein the two-lane road is spanned by a canopy of centuries old live oaks. I watch from Google maps that leg was never ever built.


Fishing St. Johns flow at the foot the Shands leg on course 16 in St. Johns County, Florida. Spring north, the St. Johns river is a mile large and no bridge in sight. Interstate 295 bridges the St. Johns about 12 miles or so come the phibìc at Plummers Cove.

About a dozen men and also women to be fishing in ~ this spot and during the five minutes i was there, several fish to be pulled the end of the river. A great egret flew by over the tree tops.

Metropolitan Jacksonville to be an obstacle of 3 million occupants to cross through and I go hop top top the federal government to acquire through the city.

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After much less than 24 hrs in Florida i was on U.S. Route 17 crossing into Georgia. And that is as soon as I really felt the road expedition adventure with the south begin for me as simply me and also my auto were traveling the earlier roads.