What is a drug test panel?

Inregard to medicine testing, “panel” is provided to explain a medicine or household of drugsthat are contained in the screening of a medicine test. Search Diagnostics classifiesanalytes and/or drugs at the “parent” and also “child” level. Because that example, a problem abuse panel (SAP) thatincludes the parent medicine opiates will also test because that its children, morphine andcodeine.

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What to include in your drug test panel

Drug check panels differ in two major ways.

The panelof drugs included

Drugtest panels deserve to be very customizable, depending upon the testing laboratory,and may fit miscellaneous and details requirements from an employer. It is also importantto store in mind the all drugs and also cutoffs contained in any type of drug check panel maybe subject to state laws and federal regulations such together the U.S. Room ofTransportation.

DOT regulations

Regulated medicine tests, as they are generally referred to,fall into the classification of “safety-sensitive” workplace drug experimentation programs.The U.S. Room of Transportation and all the organ which fall under itsjurisdiction have to follow strict rectal drug testing guidelines because that a urineor blood alcohol collection, with drug form and cutoff level being 2 of the mainmandates that the test.

State laws

Drug experimentation statelaws vary throughout the country. While plenty of states permit all varieties of drugtesting, some states have distinctive requirements and also limitations. For instance,Maryland only allows hair specimens to be used forpre-employmentdrug testing and also Vermont prohibits the use oforal fluid drug testing.

Drug trial and error laws room complex, inconsistent, and are continually changing. Take marijuana, because that instance. Today, 33 states and Washington, D.C. Have considerable medical marijuana laws and also 9 states and also Washington, D.C., have recreational marijuana laws. Although carriers turn come drug-free rectal programs to assist keep employees safe and productive, numerous companies have actually questions about rectal drug testing policies and how marijuana law may impact those programs.

Drug usage in the American workforce

Many employers refer to the pursuit Diagnostics Drug trial and error Index™ once determining which medicine to include in a rectal drug experimentation program. This annual analysis of countless workplace medicine test results mirrors positivity rates by medicine category, experimentation reason, specimen type, and also workforce category. Additionally, maps of as whole positivity show trends in drug use by geography, down to certain zip codes. Visit DTIDrupMap.com to find by 3-digit zip code.

Industry Insights

In the past year, pursuit Diagnostics examined the analysis of specimens experiment by our laboratories to gain a an ext thorough understanding of how and also why providers drug test. The DTI market Insights provides employers thorough information around which markets experience greater drug positivity, which may ultimately affect workplace safety. The analysis provides industry-specific insights based on objective rap data identifying the presence of number of drugs including marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, and also opiates throughout a country representative labor force population.

What are the most common urine medicine test panels?

With hundreds of various combinations that detectabledrugs and cutoff levels, yes a urine trial and error panel for practically any reasonfor drug testing. Ours most frequently requested urine drug test is a 5-panel thatscreens because that the existence of amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates,andphencyclidine (PCP).

The an ext drugs included in a drug test panel; themore comprehensive an employer’s drug testing program may be. When researching forthe ideal mix the tests because that a drug test program, employers may run intolanguage that encapsulates the complexity of panels in very simple terms like“10-panel” or “12-panel.” these shorthand names room common and also can aid labsand employers through drug test endure to know what panels lock arelooking for.

Designations prefer “12-panel”, or “13-panel”, execute not reflect an exact count that drugs consisted of in our panels. In ~ Quest, the drug test panel through the many drug/analytes consisted of in it will certainly be labeled together a 10-panel plus everything add-on drugs may be included. For example, if a customer is requesting a 10-panel urine drug test through oxycodone, the medicine test panel will check out as “SAP 10-panel + Oxycodone”. An additional example would certainly be our 5-panel that screens for 6-Acetylmorphine and also MDA-Analogues. The panel name will check out as “SAP 5-panel + 6-AM/MDA”.


Visit our website to watch a much more extensive break down of drugs and also cutoff levels contained in our 5 most commonly requested unit codes for urine medicine tests.

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Selecting the right drug check panel foryour rectal drug experimentation program deserve to be complicated. To make it simpler, contacta pursuit Diagnostics representative for much more information about our drug testingpanels.