Surrounding through beautiful scenery, Salt Lake City is the capital and also most populous city in the state that Utah. Situated in the northern part of the state, no too much from the border through Wyoming, Salt Lake City is situated in Salt Lake County and covers an area of about 110.4 square miles. The city has actually an estimated populace of over 200,000 people, with much more than 1.2 million in its neighboring metropolitan area. Salt Lake City also has close links with Ogden and Provo, creating a an unified statistical area through these cities that residences over 2.5 million people. Certain attractions may be temporarily close up door or require breakthrough reservations. Part restaurants are currently offering pickup only. Hours/availability may have actually changed.


Salt Lake City is ideal known as the global headquarters of the Church that Jesus Christ that Latter-Day Saints, also commonly recognized as the Mormon Church, and it was followers of the Mormon belief who founded the city. Brigham Young, an early Mormon leader, to be responsible for creating Salt Lake City in 1847. He, together with other Mormons, to be trying to discover a new place come live away from violence and judgment in various other parts that the unified States. The group arrived in the Salt Lake Valley and also Young picked a spot because that the Salt Lake temple to it is in built. The remainder of the city to be constructed about this spot and the city was called after the nearby great Salt Lake.Mining, rail construction, and major immigration from various other followers of the Mormon belief helped Salt Lake City flourish into a major cultural and commercial center for the state that Utah. The city"s standing remains solid to this day, with Salt Lake City having actually a heavy reputation together a wonderful tourist spot, an especially for out enthusiasts. The 2002 Winter Olympics were famously held at Salt Lake City and many outdoor activities can be took pleasure in nearby.

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elevation is crucial geographical term denoting the height of a town, city, mountain, or other ar in relationship to sea level. The elevation of Salt Lake City is really high in ~ 4,226 feet (1,288 m). Most large cities approximately the unified States have much reduced elevations 보다 this, v the three best cities in the country, new York, Los Angeles, and also Chicago, having elevations of 33 feet (10 m), 285 feet (87 m), and also 594 feet (181 m), respectively.Utah is among the highest possible states in general. Statistically speaking, it’s the 3rd highest, trailing just behind Colorado and also Wyoming. Utah has actually a mean elevation of 6,100 feet (1,860 m) due to its plenty of mountainous regions. This way that the elevation of Salt Lake City is actually substantially lower than the state average. The elevation of Utah different enormously from one component of the state to the next, and this variation have the right to be checked out inside Salt Lake City too. The highest point within the boundaries of Salt Lake City is Grandview Peak, which has an elevation of 9,410 feet (2,868 m), when the city"s shortest elevation allude is in ~ the Jordan River, which has actually an elevation of 4,210 feet (1,280 m).The highest point in Utah is kings Peak, which has actually an key of 13,534 feet (4,125 m), when the lowest point is the Beaver Dam Wash, not far from the Arizona border, which has an elevation of 2,180 feet (664 m). Other major cities approximately Utah include West valley City, which has an elevation of 4,304 feet (1,312 m), Provo, which has actually an key of 4,551 feet (1,387 m), and also West Jordan, which has actually an key of 4,373 feet (1,333 m).

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Salt Lake City has actually a hot-summer humid continent climate that provides excessive temperatures relying on the season. Summers often tend to be really hot, while winters space cold and also snowy. The sexty month the the year is July, v average day-to-day temperatures of 93°F (34°C), if the coldest month the the year is January, which has an average day-to-day temperature of 30°F (-1°C). A the majority of snow can autumn for large parts of the year, native October v to so late April.Tourism has always played a large part in Salt Lake City"s economy however saw a significant surge in the wake up of the 2002 Winter Olympics, i m sorry really verified off the beauty of the city and its neighboring landscape. Many outdoor activities like skiing, hill biking, climbing, mountaineering, hiking, and much more can all be enjoyed around Salt Lake City. For something a little an ext relaxing, the city additionally has many restaurants, live shows, bars, and also historic buildings like the Union Pacific Depot and also Salt Lake Temple.

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Elevation of Salt Lake City

sheathe Photo: Courtesy of knowlesgallery - Attraction Spotlight: The cool America Hotel in Salt Lake City

The grand America Hotel, situated in the heart of Salt Lake City, offers a dream holidays on the grandest the scales.

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At no extr cost, the concierge have the right to arrange because that tours the the cool America. The hotel is appointed v priceless antiques and also artworks that space truly remarkable. Don"t miss this chance to learn around the background of the valuable works the arts the adorn this hotel.

Families first is a family members friendly regimen is geared towards making children feel at house while traveling. Amenities encompass cribs, strollers, rocking chairs, bath accessories, and more. The concierge can likewise arrange babysitting. Call the concierge for much more information and pricing.

The grand America Hotel offers a selection of huge spacious guest rooms and suites.The 24-floor, 775-room hotel uses upscale amenities in every room. Complimentary Wi-Fi, one in-room safe, and large flat-screen television sets space in every room. Every room has a balcony v spectacular city or garden views. The bathrooms are built with Italian marble and also feature a separate shower and soaking tub. Dual vanities with lighted assembly mirrors finish the elegant spaces. 24-hour room organization is additionally available.

Premier Guest Rooms

These rooms are a generous 700 square feet. They are beautifully appointed with elegant furnishings and also plush bedding to offer you every the comforts the home. The king room has a different living room with premier furnishings, whilethe twin queen room has actually a smaller seating area, though it is tho lovely and comfortable. The gorgeous walk-out balconies complete this room.

Executive Suites

The executive suites boast 880 square feet. In either a king or double queen configuration, this kind of suite has actually so lot to offer. A separate living space with French doors to close turn off the bedroom lends chin to producing a much more private space, and thepanoramic views will not disappoint. The executive, management suites room also accessible with full kitchens.

Suites v Kitchens

Similar to the executive Suites, this suite has actually a small but fully functional kitchen the allows an ext flexibility for family time or entertainment. Special a large living an are with French doors the close turn off the bedroom, this suite is amenable to small families with children. The double queen bedrooms have the right to accommodate 4 people. Some of the kitchen suites additionally come with a washer and also dryer. Even if it is for company or pleasure, this suite can offer the privacy, flexibility, and comfort required.

Spa Suite King

For a an ext intimate getaway, select the grand Spa Suite. This suite master a separate living and also vanity area, andthe king bedroom is plush and comfortable. The rooms feature floor come ceiling windows that carry out an diversity of herbal light. This suite uses a selection of in-room spa treatments and health-conscious menus. Spark a little romance through this extraordinary suite.

Presidential Suite

Featuring a full-sized living room and also separate dining room with seating because that eight, this suite uses a spacious, elegant entertain space. The full kitchen and also breakfast bar finish with espresso coffee maker offers you the liberty to placed your culinary skills to work. Or, with 24-hour room service, you can order up a choice of hors d" oeuvres, light meals, or desserts to sell visiting guests. A different powder room is included. The opulent king bedroom has actually its own separate seating area and also en suite toilet with twin vanities. Situated on an upper floor, this suite has actually it all, including lovely summary views.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and also dinner the Garden Cafe has actually menu selections that space absolutely scrumptious. Offering standard breakfast dishes, timeless soups, salads and sandwiches, and signature entrees, this café with pleasure every palate. The cool America boasts 2 lounges: the Gibson Lounge and also the Lobby Lounge. Both lounges have comfortable seating, a great ambiance, and a full-service bar. The Lobby Lounge has actually a traditional menu the hors d oeuvres, soups, salads, sandwiches, and also signature entrees. Live music is also featured in the Lobby Lounge. The Gibson Lounge is open up from 5 p.m. To midnight (M-F) and noon to midnight on Saturday and Sunday. Similar to the Lobby Lounge, the Gibson offer a similar menu.

La Bonne Vie is a coffee shop special pastries, macaroons, other sweet treats and also an espresso bar. Traditional Afternoon Tea is served everyday in the Lobby Lounge and also features every the delicacies of a european tea - finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, and also more. Finally, the grand America Hotel serves up Sunday Brunch from 9 a.m. Come 2 p.m. Took pleasure in by hotel guests and also locals alike, this brunch is fantastic. Over there are 7 stations that include everything one would want: a morning station (eggs/omelets), a crepe station, a carving terminal (prime rib), an antipasto station, a paella station, a weekly chef"s station, a kid"s terminal (pizza, macaroni& cheese, etc.), and a dessert station. All of this is complemented through a huge buffet special salads, crudites, and signature entrees.

The grand America Hotel uses over 75,000 square feet of meeting space. Able to accommodate tiny and large groups, the hotel has a professional, competent staff in ~ the prepared to help you coordinate her event. The hotel has two grand ballrooms, a grand salon, twenty separate meeting rooms, and the facility courtyard surrounding by lover elegant gardens.

The grand America catering services market a complete menu the traditional and also signature dishes. Let a conference planner aid with her menu selections to help make your conference successful and also memorable.

The grand America Hotel also has wedding packages to assist you create your perfect wedding day. There are number of venues to pick from, and also you have the right to have a casual wedding or a many elegant formal ceremony. Photograph services are also available.

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Located just a couple of miles from the Salt Lake City international Airport, the cool America is easy to access. A full match of rental auto companies is obtainable at the airport, and if you don"t want the problem of driving, taxi business is also an option.

The grand America supplies a large array of solutions to aid you placed together an i can not forget vacation. The concierge deserve to handle all transport needs, from rental cars to cabs and limo service. In-room VIP amenities are accessible to welcome distinct guests. Item such as wine, French pastries, a children"s video game package, chocolates, cookies, snacks, and also other distinctive amenities are easily accessible to make guests feeling at home. Extr services include reservations for restaurants, occasion tickets, spa appointments, and extras such together in-room floral arrangements. If friend are in search of an out experience, the concierge can aid you rent ski and golf devices and collection up species for assorted adventures such together horseback riding, fishing, rafting and ice skating.

On-Site Shopping

For guests" convenience, an array of shops and also boutiques deserve to be uncovered on-site. The JouJou is a wonderful boutique filled through toys, books, candies, suffer stations, and also the like. Arranged v youth in mind, this shop will captivate young minds.

La Bonne Vie is a spectacular bakery special delightful pastries, cakes, and also cookies. Also available is gelato, artisanal chocolates, and an espresso bar. The on-site pastry chef makes the pastries fresh daily.

The Men"s Haberdashery, a men"s clothing store, dead sportswear, outerwear, and accessories perfect for any kind of gentleman. Shirts, trousers, ties, and an ext - this shop provides wonderful array that clothing, indigenous casual come elegant. The shop likewise offers alterations.

The females Boutique functions the recent fashion trends. With layouts that are simply right for casual, business, and also formal events, every woman can uncover something fresh to compliment she style. Alterations and gift wrapping are offered.

The Newsstand, providing sundries and straightforward necessities, has actually a small something for everyone. Newspapers, magazines, candy, snacks, soft drinks, and personal care item are simply a few of the selections available in this shop.

Set in the middle of Salt Lake City and surrounded by cool mountains, this venue is exceptionally inviting. The guest rooms room appointed v grand furnishings and have spectacular views, and also the superior services and amenities make your continue to be all the an ext grand. The neighborhood activities, events, and venues offer an excellent opportunity to discover nature, art, music, cuisine and also recreation.

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Attraction Spotlight: holy place Square

Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah is 35 acre of attractions dedicated to the Mormon religion and Brigham Young. Even though advance of the Salt Lake Temple started in 1853, that was virtually forty years until the construct completed. Because of transportation constraints for materials, the construction took longer than anticipated. Throughout this time, the transcontinental railroad to be built, v the gold Spike gift driven house in nearby Promontory Point, Utah.History

Even together the city roughly it thrived and grew throughout the turn of the century and also beyond, temple Square proceeds to it is in the facility of Salt Lake City and also the state the Utah’s most historic location. Visitors to temple Square can find hospitality services detailed by a Deseret Management company called temple Square Hospitality. This facility deserve to trace that heritage back to the world-class Hotel Utah, completed in 1911. The framework was a hotel for the much better part of seventy-six years prior to closing that is doors for renovations. Together the structure was going v remodeling, the hospitality, and also service for which the hotel was recognized for continued in The Joseph smith Memorial Building.

Since 1988, as soon as Temple Square Hospitality was created to view to the dining requirements of those visiting, holy place Square has increased into three catering facilities, a bakery, four restaurants, and a flower department. Holy place Square’s mission is to administer its visitors with superb service and above average hospitality.


Temple Square supplies a range of attractions for travellers in the heart of Salt Lake City. Sitting on thirty-five acres of land, tourists to temple Square will have no shortage of entertainment options. Several of these attractions include:

Salt Lake Temple

Learn about how this good building was constructed and visit the breathtaking grounds that the temple during any type of season.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Performances that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir space free. This volunteer choir has actually entertained in venues throughout the world.

North travellers Center

Here, visitors can view a display screen of Jerusalem during the brand-new Testament, view the life that Christ in paintings throughout the building, and also interact with some of the exciting exhibits.

South tourists Center

A scale replica that the beautiful Salt Lake temple is on display screen in the southern Visitors Center. Meticulous details of each room are on exhibit, and also visitors can learn why perfect of the building took four decades.

The Tabernacle

The residence that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Tabernacle is thought about to be one of the most acoustically sound structures in the world.

The Beehive House

Take a tour of the home of Brigham Young. Find the an interpretation behind the name of The Beehive House, while finding out what that was choose to live throughout the days of the beforehand pioneers.

Assembly Hall

Built indigenous extra products of the Salt Lake Temple, Assembly Hall uses the chance to to visit concerts, lectures, and other special events.

Church background Museum

Take a tour through the Church background Museum to uncover stories the the Restoration in addition to the Latter-Day Saints" cultural legacy.

Activities because that Kids

Visitors will certainly find countless family-friendly exhibits and also displays that present off the history and social impact of temple Square.

Legacy Theater

Seating 5 hundred guests, the tradition Theater offers family-friendly films on a constant basis transparent the mainly (except top top Sunday).

God’s arrangement for His Family

This interactive endure is a six-room exhibit that displays family life through struggles, victories, and also challenges.


Temple Square Hospitality gives a range of places to eat in Salt Lake City, consisting of an elegant dining endure of Utah"s premier buffet come Brigham Young"s home. V several choices to select from, tourists will have actually no challenge finding a enjoy the meal for any kind of occasion.

The Roof Restaurant

Dining in ~ The Roof Restaurant is a premier buffet with an excellent views of downtown Salt Lake City. This dining establishment is considered one that the ideal in the downtown area, with contemporary desserts and also signature global cuisines.

The Garden Restaurant

Visit the Garden Restaurant come indulge in upscale American fare while soaking up breathtaking views of the city below. This Salt Lake Restaurant uses a retractable skylight for open-air dining, v fountains, trees, and flowers throughout the establishment.

Nauvoo Café

The perfect spot for lunch, Nauvoo Café offers hot-carved sandwiches, delicious soups, new salads and also signature turkey pot pies make from scratch. Eat-in or obtain it to go, yet do not miss out on out top top this great Salt Lake sandwich shop.

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Lion residence Pantry

Visitors in the mood for home-style cooking and also comfort food need to swing through this 19th century house of Brigham Young. Dining in ~ the Lion house Pantry offers a step earlier into background while enjoying a delicious meal in downtown Salt Lake City.

50 north Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84150, Phone: 801-531-1000

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