What walk Sak Pase mean?

Sak Pase is a famous Haitian Creole expression that is typically used come greet close friends and also acquaintances.

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In English, the an interpretation simply means “what’s up?”, “how’s that going?” or “what’s happening?”.

Saying “Sak pase” to who is a really casual means of greeting them and should because of this be main used in tranquil or non-formal settings.

Sak pase need to be pronounced together a phrase and also not as one word. While countless Haitians act the popular greeting together a rhetorical question, the many common solution to it is “n’ap boule”.

N’ap boule meaning

When you interpret n’ap boule in English, that means that “you’re doing well” or that “everything is walking OK“.

It is incorrect to say both Sak pase and n’ap boule at the same time.

The an initial phrase is a question and also the latter is one of many possible responses, albeit the most usual one.

How to correctly use both terms

In the Haitian culture, a lot of focus is provided to the context and also delivery of your word choices.

Likewise, greetings and salutations beat a significant role in shaping just how other people formulate first impressions and also opinions about you.

With that being said, Sak pase and n’ap boule should not be used as a catch-all for every Haitian creole greetings and salutations.

For example, ns would generally use this greeting combination with friends and also peers in my age group yet I wouldn’t do so through my parents or elders. I also wouldn’t usage these phrases in a formal or professional setting.

That’s no to say the there’s something wrong with saying the 2 phrases in this instances, it’s simply that there are much more appropriate greetings for particular people and also settings.

Also, A typical misspelling and pronunciation of the hatchet is “sa pa se“.

While most Haitians reap hearing human being from different cultures take on the use of their aboriginal language, they space even more impressed as soon as it’s excellent properly.

Haitian creolian Greetings

Other usual Haitian creole greetings include “Sakapfet” and “Koman ou ye“.

Sakapfet meaning

Sakapfet” way “What’s walk on?” and also is frequently used as an informal greeting.

A common an answer to “Sakapfet” would be “mwen la“, meaning “I’m here” or “I’m alive“.

koman ou ye?

Koman ou ye” simply method “How room you?” and can be offered in both casual and also formal settings.

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The 2 most usual responses come this phrase is “mwen byen” or “mwen pa pi mal“.