I own the guitar Hero instruments. Can I buy a Rock band game and use the instruments from guitar Hero come play the game? and also vice versa?



It counts on the instruments.

Here is a yes, really nice compatibility chart that I uncovered when I had the same question.

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As JustinP8 spicy out, you can additionally check here:


But there"s no must read that, as long as we"re talking around a game released in the last 2 years or so, every the plastic tools are extensively cross-compatible and work in either game — microphone, drums, guitar. Choose Rock band instruments, pick Guitar Hero instruments, whatever "just works" in any kind of rhythm tape game.


You do should be mindful on drums, because the 3 pad / 2 cymbal arrangement of the etc Hero drums makes 4 pad Rock band songs all yet unplayable.



Remember that GH support a 4-lane drum pad mode, but RB go not assistance a 5 lane mode, nor will RB3 "pro mode" 4 pad / 3 cymbal drums support GH"s oddball 3 pad / 2 cymbal arrangement.

So if you arrangement to play drums in both games, ns strongly recommend you get a Rock tape drumset only.

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An additional way to carry out this is with an extremely cheap adapters:

I have GH 1 because that the PS2, GH 2 and also 3 because that PS3, and also RB 1 and also 2 for PS3 and also I find the worst etc of the lot of is the Les Paul (it just seems to experience interference) for this reason while I use the Rock tape Stratocaster for Lead, I use a GH1 guitar for bass - v an Ant Commando PS2-PS3 adapter. Only price me £15.

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If you desire a larger compatibility chart, check out this PDF from the guitar Hero website. It"s acquired a lot more games.

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For the record, you could be surprised to recognize that PS2 rememberingsomer.coms started being cross-compatible through PS3 and also 360 instruments beginning with GH: Aerosmith. I have actually personally tested a 360 absent Band drum kit through the full-band GH games on the PS2, and also they occupational fine, the goes into 4-lane mode and everything.

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