American gibbs Robert Ri"chard shares an uncanny similarity through actor Neal McDonough in terms of facial structures. His eyes and also smile are so alike v the veteran actor the he is rumored come be related with McDonough, no as any type of other, but as father and also son.

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Their alleged relationship is understandable together the two share a 17 year age void — Ri"chard is 38-year-old when McDonough is 55-year-old.But are the two actors in reality blood-related? If not, that is Robert Ri’chard’s birth father?

McDonough and Ri"chard space Not Blood-Related

Speculations that Ri"chard being McDonough"s son developed due come his similarity with McDonough; as it transforms out, the rumors are simply that - rumors.
Robert Ri’Chard and also Neil McDonough as father and also son in something— Michelle B. Young 💛ðŸÂÂ (

The actors have nothing in common with your families. Instead, the Walking high actor has his household of seven, including his wife Ruve McDonough and their five children, Clover Elizabeth, London Jane, Catherine Maggie, Morgan Patrick, and James Hamilton.In contrast, the Coach Carter star, Ri"chard, stays with his family, including his father, mother, and also brother named Brandon Ri"chard.

Who Is Ri"chard’s really Father?

The Los Angeles native"s organic father is Andrew Robert Ri"chard. The One top top One star is strict discreet around his father, as he rarely speaks about him. Nevertheless, his Father"s day article on Instagram, post on June 2018, clarified that he taken into consideration his father the best influencer of his life.Through the post, he shared his emotions because that his father. That thanked him because that loving him and also being perfect person to look increase to. He additionally stated the his dad"s influence had guided him come be i was sure in his decisions. His full caption read:My greatest influence in mine life has actually been my father. Dad i LOVE YOU!!! You to be the best dad ever, and my brother and i cant give thanks to you enough for being a solid example that a man of God!! i confidently was standing on the values you base in me, and also they influence every decision i make together i go through life. Say thanks to you Andrew Robert Ri"chard for loving me incomparably to any type of love ive ever before known ~ above this earth.The actor additionally maintains similar privacy about his mother, Beverly Ri"chard — so lot that his snapshot with his mother was only accessible on his brother, Brandon Ri"chard"s private Instagram account. 

Robert Ri’chard celebrates 2015"s easter with his mother and brothers Brandon Ri"chard. (Photo: Brandon Ri"chard"s Instagram)

His grand Inspired him to it is in Helpful

Ri"chard is a valuable contributor to his community. Whenever he is in his hometown, Skid heat downtown in Los Angeles, the gathers every one of his neighbors and also distributes garments to them. The actor has likewise founded HighwayFit, an on-the-go fitness program, aiming come make ordinary human being fit and also healthy. Through HighwayFit, he conducts different events and interacts with the student of the Atlanta University center Consortium (AUCC).
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In February 2020, he ended up being a part of the no Alone foundation (NAF), a non-profit company committed come the awareness and also prevention of kidney disease.However, Ri"chard did not just thrive the idea the helping others by self — he acquired his incentive from his grandfather.Before agree the Diamond Award at the 6th annual Diamond Awards, top top February 29, 2020, he revealed that he got a good piece the advice native his grand as a child. He explained that the was raised in a family where his grandfather advised him to "give much, ask little, and inspire all."