50 an initial Dates is a 2004 comedy film starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore about a male afraid that commitment, until he meets the girl the his dreams. But then the discovers she has actually short-term memory loss and forgets him every day.

Henry Roth: Hey, Ula! Get earlier to clean the pool! and also if that"s among your special brownies, don"t let any type of of the dolphin eat that.

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Ten-Second Tom: Don"t girlfriend think you"re a tiny old come still be having wet dreams? (laughter) Hi, I"m Tom!

Old Hawaiian Man: can I have that? I require something come wipe my ass with.

Security security 1: Hey Lucy, great to see you again!

Security security 1: What the heck"s her problem?

Security guard 2: She doesn"t remember that you are, bro.

Security guard 1: five yeah. Ns suck at this job!

Lucy: ns hardly know you.

Marlin: in reality sweetie, you"re kind of date him.

Henry: Yeah. Sorry I"m not much better looking.

Doug: Thith ith from Nick and Thue. Lock thend their betht witheth for a thafe trip.

Henry: That"s an extremely nice. Spam and Reese"s. All right.

Doug: i love Thpam and also Reethe"s, have the right to I have it?

Henry: Um, i guess.

Marlin: Doug!

Kid: What"s wrong v that turtle?

Henry: He has actually lung problems because he acting too lot turtle weed, which is bad for you. Right, Ula-la?

Ula: What? i don"t acting weed!

Ula: friend think you have the right to stitch me up this evening after i get ago from surfing?

Henry: Yeah, I"m looking forward to it.

Caddy: ns wouldn"t surf v a bleeding wound favor that. You could attract a shark or something.

Ula: What"s wrong with that, cuz? Sharks are normally peaceful.

Caddy: Is that right? How"d you acquire that nasty cut anyway?

Ula: A shark bit me.

Caddy: Nice! walk smoke another one, bro!

Dr. Keats: Was your head shaped like an egg prior to she fight you?

Doug: Hey! Don"t make fun of Henry, all right? It"th not hith error hith head"th thaped favor that!

Dr. Keats: keep in mind the extreme overreaction. That"s the "roids talking. Douglas, as soon as again, off the juice.

Doug: It"th no juice! It"th a protein shake!

Henry: Here, friend should shot this out. Placed this here. Swivelly door. Waffleonians can come in and out now.

Lucy: Oh, room you indigenous a country where it"s it s okay to stick your fingers anywhere someone else"s food?

Henry: Uh, no, I"m indigenous this country. were you gonna eat that?

Henry: Hah! i can"t believe you fell for that!

Lucy: mine grandfather passed away while trying to jump-start a car...

Henry: Oh...I"m so sorry...I was simply joking around.

Lucy: ns can"t believe you fell for THAT! HA HA!

Update Video: Red Sox success series!... Simply kidding.

Update Video: Schwarzenegger becomes governor of California!... Not kidding.

Dr. Keats: Tom lost component of his brain in a hunting accident. His memory just lasts ten seconds.

Ten 2nd Tom: I remained in an accident? That"s terrible.

Dr. Keats: Don"t worry, you"re totally gonna acquire over the in about three seconds.

Ten second Tom: obtain over it? ns mean, what happened? did I get shot in the brain... Hi. I"m Tom.

Henry: ns don"t desire it to finish like this.

Doug: Yeah, well, it"s gonna end like this!

Henry: patience down, tiny fella!

Doug: okay I"m calm!

Doug: i coulda whooped his ass, Daddy but this gravel - ns swipped on it and fell.

Marlin: Then possibly you have to do a small bit an ext butt flexes.

Doug: Cheap shot, Dad.

Henry: i don"t think that"s an option, Lisa.

Linda: Linda.

Henry: ns know. I readjusted your surname for your protection.

Kid: Daddy, what"s a nympho?

Ula: Uh, the nympho is the state bird the Ohio.

Kids: Ohhh.

Henry: You"re the state you are fool of Hawaii.

Ula: Really? also though in favor 10-15 years, she could like posssibly allows herself go and then favor sex might like be nauseating for you.

Henry: What space you, nuts? her wife"s ideal over there.

Ula: I"m simply kidding, Mumu.

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