Dorothy Wang backstage in ~ the Nicole Miller spring 2017 Fashion display at Skylight Clarkson Square top top September 9, 2016 in brand-new York City. Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty ImagesDorothy Wang is speak out adhering to the news of fellow E! star Lyric McHenry’s death.

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“In shock … i can’t believe it,” she tweeted on Tuesday, august 14. “Rest In peace Lyric McHenry. You to be an angel amongst us.”

Rest In tranquility Lyric McHenry. You were an angel amongst us.

— dorothy wang (
dorothywang) respectable 14, 2018

Wang, 30, starred together EJ Johnson, that was close friends v McHenry, on E!’s Rich kids of Beverly Hills for 4 seasons. The network later on launched a spinoff starring 26-year-old EJ, the child of basketball legend Magic Johnson, title EJNYC. McHenry and her sister Maya make appearances top top the second series.

Wang also called the end reports about McHenry’s fatality that did not include every one of her accomplishments, tweeting, in part, “Lyric to be a Stanford graduate, scholar, activist, an intelligent, caring, friend, sister, daughter, and member the society!!!”

Us Weekly shown on Tuesday that McHenry, 26, died on Tuesday. The New York everyday News reported that she was found on a brand-new York City sidewalk in ~ 5 a.m.

“McHenry to be rushed to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, where she died,” authorities told Us. “Police room investigating, the matter is ongoing.”

The night before McHenry was found dead, the Stanford graduate commemorated her date of birth in Manhattan. She post pictures and also videos native the party on her Instagram Story. If Johnson needs to publicly comment his friend’s death, the did wish she happy date of birth on Instagram previously this month.

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lyric_leighwords cannot express how much ns love and also appreciate you in mine life,” the gushed on august 6. “Your constant love, respect and also companionship gives me the confidence come live my fact every solitary day and I am so blessed that also as baby divas we well-known the greatness in every other. I love girlfriend #leoseason #teamthis.”




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