Hey everyone, welcome to my site. So i went to readjust the oil top top our work truck for the first time last Saturday. And also now i figured I’d re-superstructure the procedure v you if anyone were interested in seeing exactly how to reset the oil life light yourself in a GMC Sierra after ~ an oil change.

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So after ~ you have finished the oil change, the last point to do is reset the oil life system. It’s typical for world to aim for a purpose of use number come hit because that oil changes, yet Sierra’s computer actually accounts for your driving habits and time in between oil changes. According to the manual, the van will offer you a 600-mile warning as soon as determining you need an oil change.

How come Reset Oil Life/Oil readjust Light top top GMC SierraWith Gas PedalWith Steering ButtonFor 2015-2018 GMC SierraFor 2019-2021 GMC SierraWith cluster Button

How come Reset Oil Life/Oil adjust Light on GMC Sierra

For your info, this operation work for the fourth and also fifth generations that the GMC Sierra 1500 2500HD (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 design years).

With Gas Pedal

The fastest method to reset the oil life top top this GMC Sierra is by transforming the crucial to the ~ above position and mashing the GAS pedal 3 times right fast without starting the truck.
Time needed: 3 minutes.In this section, ns will show you exactly how to reset the oil life on a GMC Sierra. This is a 2018 design here, yet it will certainly be the very same in a couple of different years. So we’re going to carry out it utilizing the buttons top top the right-hand next of the steering wheel, and I’m going to emphasis on the dash. Therefore let’s gain started.

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Turn on your vehicle without beginning the engineIf your car has one ignition button, press and also holds the Start/Stop button for 5 seconds without action on the brake pedalPress the ◄ navigating buttonPush the left switch on the steering wheel to go into the swarm menu

Next, scroll all the means down come the OIL LIFEAfter that, every you obtained to carry out is push the thumbwheel under on Oil Life and also it will reset because that you

With cluster Button

Follow the instructions below if your car is equipped with a base level display and also without a steering button:Turn top top the ignitionTwist the TRIP button clockwise or respond to clockwise to brings you with a totality bunch of different things in your menu. For this reason spin it till you get to the OIL LIFE

So that’s exactly how you carry out it. Many thanks for analysis this post, everyone. Allow me understand in the comments if girlfriend have any kind of other tips you would like to share v the group. So many thanks again, and also I’ll catch you men in the following content.

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