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The pull cord on a Troy-Bilt TB20Cs operates the starter mechanism on the engine. This cord spins the flywheel, which turns the crankshaft and ignites the spark. Sitting at the prior end, near the obelisk handle, the traction cord top top this design is accessed with the front, requiring girlfriend to eliminate the clutch.

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The pull cord might break if you pull it out as well hard; it may likewise come loose of the recoil spring, or it might no much longer retract.

Unscrew the rear pillar grip indigenous the unit. Unscrew the attachment bolts at the eight shaft and also power head. Pull the boom shaft away from the power head slowly, regarding not rip the ignition cables.

Disconnect the command ignition wires from the “ON/OFF” switch. Disconnect the throttle wire native the create using needle nosed pliers. Traction the shaft entirely out the the head housing area.

Unscrew the mounting bolts of the clutch real estate cover. Pull the cover away slowly and disconnect the two ignition switch wires running to the ignition module. Unhook the rubber boots off the spark plug top top the underside of the engine. Unscrew the spark plug and also take it out of the cylinder v the socket wrench.

Unscrew the clutch drum’s mounting bolt with the socket wrench. On slide the clutch drum off the rotor post. Tap the end lightly the clutch rotor plate with the hammer and soft drift. Take the clutch rotor off.

Unscrew every one of the screws stop the cover to the starter area. Traction the cover off slowly and also turn it end to occupational on the traction cord. Unscrew the pulley from the starter cover and take that off.

Cut the pull cord simply underneath the handle and also at the knot in the base of the pulley. Take it the pull cord off the pulley. On slide the recoil spring the end of the pulley and check that it’s no bent or damaged; change the recoil spring, if necessary. Clean the wheel with the rag.

Thread the brand-new length of traction cord with the center of the pulley. Pull it through the hole in the cover and also the feet in the handle. Tie a knot at the top, above the handle, and at the bottom, listed below the pulley. Wind the cord around the pulley-block clockwise. Right the recoil spring earlier into the facility of the pulley.

Apply a tiny coating the engine grease come the starter post on the starter cover. Slide the pulley ago onto the starter post and also tighten the screw. Pull 10 inches of rope off the pulley and also twist it into a loop. Rotate the loop earlier and forth while stop the starter sheathe to connect the pulley-block to the recoil spring.

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Continue stop the loop while transforming the wheel three to five clockwise turns to put tension top top the recoil spring. Let walk of the loop if holding the cover, and the cord should fully retract. Repeat the tensioning procedure and add one extra turn if the cord doesn’t retract fully. Reassemble and also tighten all other parts in turning back order.

Things You will Need

driver Needle-nosed pliers Socket wrench Hammer Soft drift Scissors Rag 46-inch replacement pull cord