The following is an excerpt indigenous a Remington 1902 catalog.

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N O T ns C EFor guidance of client ordering double gun parts, we provide the adhering to information :

The Remington dual Gun has been made in six models, known as HAMMER LIFTER ACTION, LIFTER ACTION, version "82, design "83, version "85, and "87. And also MODEL "89, plenty of parts of i m sorry differ. Next owning guns can identify their design by comparing their hammers through the complying with drawings:

HAMMER LIFTER ACTION- LIFTER ACTION- model 1882- model 1885 and 1887-MODEL 1889

The over illustrations taken native an old Remington 1902 parts catalog

REMINGTON double BARREL SHOTGUN SERIAL NUMBERSCourtesy the Roy Gunther, wilhelm M. Furnish & Charles G. Semmer as released in THE pistol REPORT, July & august 1991

Remington never used the year the the first production together a version number, yet it has since become typical practice to do so. The language used here ARE the very first year of production for each called type.

M1873 or "hammer lifter model" offered a lever on the tang that lifted increase to open up the barrels and also draw the hammers ago to half cock. The lockplate had 3 screws at the rear, do in 10 & 12 gauges.

M1876 or "lifter model" had actually the lifter opened the barrels. Hammers to be rebounding. Very first was the recessed hammer noses, & later flat. 4 screws at the finish of the lockplate, make in 10 & 12 gauges. The 1873 & 1876 were obtainable in shotgun and rifle & shotgun combinations.

M1878 or :heavy duck gun"; lockplate had flat challenged hammers, no rudimentary fence at the bottom the the bolster & provided a doll"s head rib

extension into the frame. First pinned forearms to be used, later on Deely & sheet latch was used. 10 gauge only.

M1882, for the an initial time a conventional transforming lever to open the barrel was used. Make in 10 & 12 gauges.

M1883 was introduced right into the catalogs, but couple of have been observed. The hammers room different, do in 10 & 12 gauges.

M1885-87, offered the same serial numbers as the 1882 model. The hammer was again different. Make in 10, 12 & 16 gauges.

M1889, the critical & biggest volume do of the hammer guns, & the hammer was again different & significant than every the rest. Make in 10, 12, & 16 gauges.

Other gathered information

Shotguns to be evolving fairly quickly during the years E. Remington & young were structure them with new models appearing every year or two. The early E. Remington & boy hammer weapons were based upon the Whitmore draft "lifter action" to open up the guns. The very first model to be the 1873 additionally known as the "hammer lifter" together the locks didn"t automatically rebound and protrusions ~ above the next of the slide that moved ago between the hammers when the lifter was raised engaged flanges ~ above the sides of the hammers and also moved them to half-cock. The next model the 1875 go away through this and featured Hepburn"s design rebounding locks, together did all the later on Remington hammer doubles. An ext variations of the an easy Whitworth style were the Models 1876, 1878 and also 1879. The 1879 is the just lifter activity Remington that obtained the new Deeley bar forearm. The following E. Remington & sons hammer dual was the 1882 with a conventional top bar that propelled to the right. These progressed through the 1883, 1885 and also 1887.----Remington made hammer twin barrels native 1874 to 1910. The quick way to different in between year models is by hammer shape and serial numbers. The serial numbers operation as follows:Mode 1874 (Hammer Lifter) 001 come 1,500.

Model 1876 (Lifter Action) 1,501 come 4,125+.

Model 1882 /1883 001 to 15,000.Model 1885 15,001 come 21,000.

Model 1887 30,001 to 36,000. Design 1889 001 to 250, 401+.There were seven qualities of model 1889 shotguns made. They were No. 1-steel barrel, pistol grip stock, rubber butt plate and also matted to rib, no engraving. No. 2 same except for twist barrel, No. 3 same except for damascus barrel. No. 4 same except for engraving. No. 5 well damascus and extra engraving. No. 6 Extra good damascus and scroll engraving and No. 7 superior damascus and extra fine role engraving.

RH sidelock for a Remington design 1889

M1894, was the an initial hammerless, made in 10, 12, & 16 gauges. Might have been had actually in "ordnance or damascus stole barrels. This model has actually a Purdey forend fastener (push button type)

M1900, hammerless, do in 12 & 16 gauges. could have been had in "ordnance or damascus stole barrels. This model has the snap on Baker kind forend fastener.

Differences in Remington version 1894 & 1900 twin shotguns.

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Courtesy of terry Deem

The 1894 was an ext of a precision fit pistol & can be had as one engraved version. The 1900 was usually an "economy" version of the 1894.Before 1906 both the 1894 & 1900 models had the firing pin made integral top top the hammers. Approximately 1906 Remington make the readjust to the floating firing pen on both guns. It to be a running readjust so there is no precise serial number.The best means to tell the 2 model"s apart is by the serial numbers. The version 1894 serial number"s start with a (1) and also the model 1900 serial number"s start with a (3). All have actually 6 number"s in the serial number. For this reason if the serial number start"s with a (3) the is a design 1900. Also on the 1894 particularly on later gun"s sometimes there is a "P" front of the serial number, The "P" signifies the 1894. On the 1900 periodically there is a "Q" front of the serial number, the "Q" signifies the design 1900.As far as the receiver components go about the only difference is fit and finish in between the 1894 and the 1900.Another distinction is the 1894 has a Purdey forend fastener (push button) and the 1900 has the snap top top Baker kind forend fastener.Gun"s with flat ribs will certainly be earlier guns, & will usually have the firing pin"s as part of the hammer. Also, if one of two people the 1894 or 1900 model has actually a concave rib (not flat) and /or one screw in the cause guard (not two) and also /or a concave security it will practically always have the floating shoot pin"s. The changes to the floating firing pen was roughly 1906.Also on both models the 1894 and 1900, there is the 1894 patent date on the forend iron.For the version 1900, they walk away v the allude on top of the buttplate and also went come a cheaper straighter buttplate.I have built up Remington model 1894 and also 1900 twin for over 40 years. I additionally do repair and also restoration ~ above them. Many thanks for enabling me to explain.

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