“There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s.” If she a millennial like me, friend probably had that slogan melted into your mind thanks to plenty of Reese’s cup commercials playing during your Saturday morning cartoon block. (Which, if you were anything favor me farming up, girlfriend watched if munching on a bowl of Reese’s Puffs.) The slogan has due to the fact that evolved together the agency has metamorphosed that marketing – and its products – to stay present with the times, however one thing stays the same.

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If you believed I to be going come say the Reese’s cup itself, well, that isn’t wrong, however not wherein I was going with that thought. What hasn’t changed is advertising. Whether it to be cheesy commercials earlier in the 80s, star-studded advertisement in the 90s, or the rise of the tongue-in-cheek social advertising transformation of the 00’s and also beyond, parent agency Hershey has actually relentlessly marketed its renowned peanut butter and chocolate treat because its inception. And also “popular” is no joke, either. Once a rumor spread earlier this year the Reese’s Cups would certainly be pulled from store shelves in October, there was such a large consumer outcry the both Reese’s and parent company Hershey were required to publicly respond confirming the iconic liquid was here to stay.

Seems like consumers can’t imagine a Halloween – or keep shelves year round – without their favorite bite of peanut butter and also chocolate. Therefore let’s take a look back at several of Reese’s most well-known commercials.

How Eats A Reese’s

These commercials conquered my TV collection and my young mind together a kid. If she a millennial, girlfriend too may feel a surge of nostalgia at the Charlie Armstrong version of the commercial, which ns saw conveniently hundreds the times and also which i instantly remembered as quickly as the commercial started to play. Because that sheer nostalgia variable alone, I type of desire to operation out and also buy a Reese’s.

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Reese’s pieces … Cup

This new version the Reese’s two most iconic commodities – the classic Reese’s Cup and also the modern-day Reese’s piece – combine the ideal of both human beings into one crunchy, chocolatey peanut butter cup. The new candy has drummed up quite a little of excitement on social media, and raised Hershey’s sales through a lining 10%. The commercial has garnered around 16k views on YouTube, but also inspired copycat remakes, unboxing videos, and more which have actually earned numerous views between them. The commercial, and the candy, have actually both been a large success.

In the comments below, share your favorite Reese’s candy and tell us why it’s won her heart!