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Bagels aren't every bad, simply stick to entirety wheat. Dunkin" Donuts/Facebook

Bagels frequently get a negative rap in the nutritional world, and also Dunkin" Donuts" bagels are usually no exception. However, if you can"t gain through the morning without a bagel, spring for whole wheat.

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This bagel landed itself on the DD Smart menu for good reason: a totality bagel only has 320 calories and also two grams the fat. Additionally, one bagel has actually 28% the your daily intake of diet fiber and 13 grams that protein. With this plenty of nutritional facts in this bagel"s favor, you can absolutely afford to include some cream cheese.


Dunkin's oatmeal is comforting and nutritious. Dunkin" Donuts/Facebook

Like the bagel prior to it, the large draw the this DD Smart menu item is the totality grains. This cup the oatmeal has 5 grams every of protein and dietary fiber.

The brown street flavor will provide you the burst of sweetness you need, and you can even top her cup v some dried fruit. Simply beware if you have a seed allergy—this oatmeal may contain traces the almonds, walnuts, and also pecans.


Ditch the sausage and also stick through ham for less calories. Dunkin" Donuts/Facebook

A breakfast sandwich is countless people"s go-to in the morning. It"s a quick means to get some carbs, protein, and also some tasty breakfast breads. Good news is, if you want some healthy and balanced Dunkin" Donuts food, friend don"t have actually to give up your beloved breakfast sandwich.

This sandwich is ~ above the DD clever menu, together with its cousin, the regular egg and cheese sandwich, because it"s at least 25% diminished in calories, saturated fat, sugar, and also sodium as compared to the sausage, egg, and cheese croissant. For this reason if you"re trying to find a healthy twist on your fave BEC, this can be your ideal bet!


Dunkin' has plenty that Latte Lite flavor options to select from. Dunkin" Donuts/Facebook

If you need a lil" espresso to get through her day, but you still desire some healthy and balanced Dunkin" Donuts food, a Latte Lite is a great option. Girlfriend can obtain a Latte Lite in any size, and also you don"t also have to compromise on flavor—there are vanilla, caramel, and also mocha options!

These drinks room a an excellent choice because they"re made v skim milk, and also as such they are approximately 25% lower in fat and also calories than a regular DD latte. If girlfriend order a small, girlfriend can gain a small coffee indulgence for much less than 100 calories. Lite indeed!

try to save some that this one for later. Dunkin" Donuts/Facebook

If friend ask me, a muffin is just a clever excuse to eat a cupcake for breakfast...without the frosting, the course. Most of the muffins in ~ Dunkin" take it this idea quite literally,boasting enough calories, fat, and sugar to make these baked goods as an excellent as a dessert.

The OG blueberry muffin indigenous Dunkin" Donuts was one of the worst offenders here, but the reduced-fat version has made its means onto the DD clever menu. As the name suggests, this version has 25% much less fat 보다 the original. However, these muffins room still pretty hefty. Shot shaving even much more fat and cals by saving half of the treat for later.

Skip the sugar when it involves tea. Dunkin" Donuts/Facebook

Sometimes you get to Dunkin" Donuts and also just aren"t in the mood because that coffee. Hey, that happens! top top the rarely days when I"m no feeling coffee, I commonly spring because that unsweetened iced tea. If you pick to gain your tea without sugar and also extra flavoring, a huge will just run friend 10 paltry calories.

My favourite is the green tea, i m sorry is chock complete of added health benefits. However if you can"t stand unsweetened tea, you can get the new fruited varieties for much less than 100 calories as well.

Opt because that an English muffin instead of a bagel to conserve calories. Dunkin" Donuts/Facebook

Honestly, English muffins space criminally underrated. I lot prefer them to bagels since I think these babies obtain a lot of crisper in the toaster than the rest of your bakery counterparts. The English muffins at Dunkin" Donuts are sure to satisfy.

An English muffin turn off the Dunkin" menu clocks in at 140 calories, v 4 grams of protein, 6 grams of dietary fiber, and only fifty percent a gram that fat. Plus, this bakery article is ~ above the DD smart menu due to the fact that it has actually 25% less calories, fat, and also sodium 보다 a DD level bagel. Probably our neighbors throughout the pond gained something right in regards to breakfast breads?

Just try not to eat the totality box. Dunkin" Donuts/Facebook

I candid don"t think you had a real new England childhood uneven a PTA mom lugged Munchkins in to every single class party transparent elementary school. These donut holes room a healthy and balanced Dunkin" Donut food because they fulfill your craving because that a donut without wrecking your entirety diet.

Most seasonings of these treats only clock in at 70 calorie a pop, therefore a Munchkin is a great way to acquire that great donut taste there is no going overboard top top sugar and also fat. You can even have two or three without blowing your healthy eating (we won"t call if girlfriend sneak a couple of more!).

friend don't have to sacrifice smell for less calories. Dunkin" Donuts/Facebook

If girlfriend can"t have actually your coffee without a small something extra included in (like flavoring), a odor shot would be the far better option together opposed come a odor swirl. You can acquire a flavor shot in hot or iced coffee, and also a the majority of your fave swirl flavors additionally come in shooting versions.

According to the main nutrition info on the Dunkin" Donuts website, smell shots room unsweetened and sugar-free, i m sorry will conserve you many of extra calories. Plus, there"s a wider range the shots matches swirls, from standard mocha and caramel, to more exotic flavors like blueberry and also coconut.

Reach for a French cruller if you're wanting a sweet treat. Dunkin" Donuts/Facebook

Okay, but the real reason world go come Dunkin" is for the donuts. Can healthy Dunkin" Donuts food encompass donuts? It can if you obtain the French cruller. This donut continuously tops lists of the healthiest donut alternatives at Dunkin" Donuts.

Each French cruller native Dunkin" only has actually 220 calories and 10 grams that sugar. As far as donuts go, the French cruller is almost a wellness food. Sure, you more than likely shouldn"t have on every day, however choosing this together an occasional treat won"t destructive anyone"s diet.

store it straightforward when choose a doughnut flavor. sarah Schmalbruch / INSIDER

So maybe you desire a donut that"s a tiny more...American? If one small glazed Munchkin isn"t doing it because that you, shot a complete glazed donut. This donut is tho under 300 calories, so it"s perfectly within a healthy and balanced calorie range for breakfast.

Plus, there"s only 12 grams that sugar, i beg your pardon isn"t too damaging for a bakery treat. Sure, through this choice you"re not acquiring crazy filling or drizzles, however sometimes basic is certainly better.

Diet-friendly alternatives don't have to be boring. Dunkin" Donuts/Facebook

That said, if you"re missing some filling in her donut through the previous 2 options, you deserve to order a Bavarian Kreme donut. This donut clocks in at 270 calories, make it one of the reduced calorie alternatives on the Dunkin" Donuts menu.

Plus, also with every the delicious cream, there"s just 9 grams the sugar every donut. So, if you get a reasonably simple coffee or tea to pair v this donut, friend can get away with having actually a little bit that morning indulgence.

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Healthy Dunkin" Donuts food certainly sounds prefer a myth, but clearly it"s not impossible! If girlfriend hit increase Dunkin" ~ above the regular, you have the right to walk in through confidence discovering that you have actually plenty of choices to make smart choices. You can still "run on Dunkin"," but with these choices, you won"t must go for a operation after every trip.