Swatch is the surname of the world-famous watchmaking company, i beg your pardon was established in 1983 in Switzerland. Famed for that is affordable prices yet higher quality and also extraordinary architecture watches, the brand is known across the globe and distributed its commodities through numerous its stores.

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Meaning and history


Though Swatch is a very progressive brand, which introduced a brand-new colorful design every year, the visual identity is something, the is really important for the company, and also once it was collection in 1983, it has never been changed.

By no redesigning the logo, Swatch make the emblem iconic and instantly recognizable in every continent the the world, together it’s been associating v stylish watches because that decades.

The contemporary and an intricate logo, draft in 1983 is created of a small letter wordmark in a practice typeface, written in black and placed top top the left from the square emblem, which attributes a heavy red background and a white overcome on it. Yes, the emblem the the brand is the national flag of Switzerland, yet it looks like a modern icon, gift accompanied by confident distinctive lettering.

The clean geometry of the Swatch emblem balances the fancy-looking letter is the its logotype, creating a complete photo and mirroring the brand at its best: with the value of roots, despite willingness to grow and also innovate.

Font and Color

The Swatch logotype in the small letter is enforcement in a smooth and futuristic sans-serif typeface, which has all letters’ corners rounded, and the edge of the “A” open. The “S” look at a little bit horizontally stretched canvas which add to progress and also dynamics come the wordmark, which the soft “W” evokes a friendly and also welcoming feeling.

The practice Swatch typeface is close come such an innovative fonts together Arthaus Medium and also ITC Bauhaus pro Medium, however with some lines modernized.

As for the color palette, the Swatch visual identity is executed in the many traditional and timeless tricolor — red, black, and also white. The combination of this colors can make any kind of image look an effective and modern, despite is the situation with Swatch, it likewise reflects the brand’s roots and also the nation of that is origin.

Black in the Swatch logo stands because that confidence, professionalism, and basic approach. Red shows the that company passion and also love, which have the right to be checked out in every design of the watched. White is the color of loyalty and also reliability, it likewise symbolizes the high quality of the brand’s products and the customers together the facility of its value system.

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Why go the prize look prefer that of the Red Cross?

In fact, the Swatch symbol consists of the flag of Switzerland, i beg your pardon is a white overcome on the red background. This emblem (or, to be precise, its inverted version) is probably more known as the symbol of the Red overcome movement, which, in its turn, is based upon the flag the Switzerland.