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Posted on January 9, 2015 through Michael BroadJanuary 9, 2015

By Leah – with editing and enhancing and added work by Michael

Kitty Softpaws is the girlfriend of Puss, in Puss in Boots. She is declawed. Why is this featured?

Kitty Softpaws

Kitty Softpaws is a new character in the effective computer-animated movie Puss in Boots released in 2011. She stole Puss in Boots’ love (and his boots). This his exactly how she describes to Puss how she shed her claws:

Kitty Softpaws: “I was simply a stray, yet I had beautiful claws. Sooner or later a really nice pair took me in, provided me milk every morning, love me. Perhaps I scratched her curtains or play too rough with the hamster. I don’t recognize why they go it, yet they took my claws.”

Puss in Boots: “Cat world are crazy.”

Her weaknesses are described as: Gets irritated from time come time, steals, can’t it is in trusted till you gain to know her, lacks claws, and also is partially defenseless without her sword.

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I was watching Puss in Boots the various other day, which btw is brilliant. However, ns was more than just a bit unsettled to find that Kitty Softpaws was declawed. I don’t recognize whether it’s an excellent that this is a great thing to portray in the movie or not. What carry out you think? I need to say i don’t understand why this was included in the film. What to be the reasoning behind it?

She is dubbed Kitty Softpaws not since she is declawed but because she is an accomplished thief. However, she name seems to be an oblique reference to she paws there is no claws.

When Kitty Softpaws to be trying come unpick the lock to the magic beans through a knife, Puss in Boots maintained saying ‘use your claws!’ ‘use your claws!’ Kitty Softpaws seemed to shed her temper and also shouted earlier ‘I don’t have any type of claws!’ then he jumped in come the cart v her and also unpicked the lock with one of his claws.

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In this link is the conversation the followed, see quotes 3 and also 4. I’ve pursued high and also low for this certain clip that the film but can’t uncover it.

In the movie she describes to Puss in Boots around her claws and how the people took castle (see above), this is that course very sad so plainly the writer knew what he was doing because the declawing procedure is sad for a cat (not just sad however life-changing and also cruel) so the writer knew this and portrayed the in the best way. This to me method that the knows that declawing is wrong however why in an man film? ns don’t understand his thinking. Maybe it was due to the fact that the writer wanted human being to know that this is a sad truth of life for cats in America and also that that is sad and also detrimental for them?

If anyone has actually that little bit of the clip please would certainly you add it?

The film btw portrays cats really well and the characters are hypnotising and clever; below is a tho of the moment when Kitty tells Puss in Boots about her claws…

KItty Softpaws and Puss in Boots talking

“I am dubbed Kitty Softpaws due to the fact that I will steal you blind, and also you’ll never even know i was there.”

On a similar theme, the film ‘Grown Ups’ features a dog that had been de-barked. Sadly it was mentioned flippantly in happen which i found really inhumane and sad since the dog tried come bark and also all that came out was a hoarse noise. The caretaker the the dog just states the neighbors complained for this reason they had him de-vocalised. Watch below;

Shocking that the scene is described as ‘funny’ ~ above you tube which clearly it is not due to the fact that the dog had actually surgery because that the advantage of the caretakers neighbours. Does anyone know of any kind of other movies such as this or Puss in Boots?