Definition noun A basic knowledge for the discovery of unknown laws based on well controlled experiments and deductions from demonstrated facts or truths. Supplement In contrast to applied science, pure science is not focused at the practical applications of the observed or demonstrated truths or facts. Word origin: ME pur science (see science). Compare: applied science. See also: hard science.

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Cell Structure

A typical eukaryotic cell is comprised of cytoplasm with different organelles, such as nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, G..


Darwin and Natural Selection

This tutorial investigates the genetic diversity in more detail. It also delineates how certain alleles are favored over..


Sugar Homeostasis

The blood sugar level is regulated by two hormones. The mechanism behind this type of negative feedback control is descr..


Chromosome Mutations

Mutations can also influence the phenotype of an organism. This tutorial looks at the effects of chromosomal mutations, ..


Plant Tissues

Plant organs are comprised of tissues working together for a common function. The different types of plant tissues are m..

The Gene Pool and Population Genetics

According to Charles Darwin"s theory of natural selection, preferable genes are favored by nature in the gene pool, and ..

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