There"s nothing worse than digging out your old Pokemon games and also finding that one conserve file- the one girlfriend invested hours of 8-bit-blood, sweat and also tears into- to uncover that it has vanished right into the digital ether.

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The save document in these gamings runs off an old CR032 clock battery. They have the right to last as much as a good twenty years but as soon as the battery dies, that"s it. The video game won"t recall your conserve every time friend reboot the game.

Sadly, there"s no method of retrieving her old saved games, however there is a means of acquiring the save role to work again! and also the best bit around it all is over there is no soldering required, uneven a lot of other retro console and game fixes. The tools you need are all widely obtainable and super cheap top top Amazon and eBay.

So, here"s what you"ll need:

Electric TapeFlat-head driver (or some type of little plastic color board you acquire with cheap phone clean sets)3.8mm/4.5mm hex tool little (usually come as a set)CR2025 battery- inspect the number on the battery when you open up up the cartridge. Most likely it will certainly be CR2025, however I"ve heard CR2032 works fine too and apparently can last longer.

And that"s it!

Please note: Please carry out this exercise at your own risk! i am no responsible for your video game if it gets wrecked throughout the process. I have yet done this procedure a lot and also have never ran into any issues. As lengthy as you"re patient, it"s very easy. The example I"m using is because that Pokemon silver- on the Gameboy. Later gamings like Ruby and Saphire for Gameboy development run off a different, smaller battery for the instance I"m law here.

Below, I"ve make a timelapse of my own procedure which should help understand the instructions the follow.

So very first off, unscrew the screw in the earlier of the Gameboy game cartridge. Put the screw to the side and gently open up up the cartridge.

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The battery is the little round key in the optimal right of the board. This part is easy however you should take your time and be patient with it. Slowly, start prying personally the metal arm that"s soldered come the battery v a level headed tool. Damaging the old battery obviously isn"t a problem.These old games can take a beating but be cautious not to damages the eight itself. All you should do is rest the 2 soldered points that hold the arm to the battery.

Once that"s done, perform the same on the various other side. This bit is a small harder together the other silver arm on the bottom next is harder to see, however you simply need to hold the battery still through your finger and thumb whilst you save working it with the flat head until the soldering clues break.

Chuck away the old battery and also then cut a tiny (about 2 inches) little of electrical tape. Feed it sticky-side up to the base of the plank beneath the bottom silver arm.

Now placed the new battery in-between the two metal arms. Flatten them down with the flat-head as lot as feasible so they"re hugging the brand-new battery tightly. Then wrap the electric tape approximately them all.

Fit the cartridge back together and also screw back in the screw using the hex tool.

And over there you go! now you can relive the glory days of Pokemon learning you"re for sure for an additional 20 years.



Still no working?

If your save function still doesn"t work, try reopening the cartridge again and flattening down the steel arms come the battery together firmly as possible as it could be they"re simply not making near enough call to work.

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Still not working!?

There"s a slim chance the old battery can have spent a little too lengthy in the cartridge and leaked, resulting in damage yet it"s highly unlikely.