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Avi"s YA novel Nothing but the Truth concentrates on the after-effects that unfurl after 9th grader Philip Malloy lies come his father by informing him the he to be suspended from school for singing the nationwide Anthem. In reality, Philip to be suspended by the Vice primary for his disrespectful behavior...

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Avi"s YA novel Nothing but the Truth concentrates on the after-effects that unfurl after nine grader Philip Malloy lies to his father by telling him the he to be suspended from college for to sing the national Anthem. In reality, Philip was suspended by the Vice primary for his disrespectful habits toward Mrs. Narwin, his English teacher, and his insistence top top humming the nationwide Anthem when he has been request to was standing quietly and attentively.

This seemingly "little" lie initiates a chain of reactions the blow the situation out of proportion. Philip is interviewed through a journalist that then writes an post which attracts national attention and causes Philip to it is in praised for his patriotism. Together a result, Philip"s institution is under fire because that allegedly thwarting Philip"s "patriotism," and Mrs. Narwin is forced to take a "break" from teaching which eventually results in her resignation. Philip"s school loses the funding they so desperately need, and the birds of windy opinion begins to turn against him—at the very least in the perspectives of his peers, who resent how substantially his lie has impacted their lives. In an initiative to protect her son, Philip"s mom chooses to transport him to a different school.

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In the closing chapter of this drama, Philip come at this brand-new school, Washington Academy, wherein he is carried to miss out on Rooney"s house room. Miss out on Rooney introduces Philip to the class and explains the they normally begin the job by singing the nationwide anthem. "Maybe you"d favor to lead us in that?" miss out on Rooney asks. Philip begins to cry, and also when miss out on Rooney asks why, Philip explains, "I don"t know the words."

Whether this tears room born that some sense of dead or guilt end the chaos he has actually catalyzed or whether these tears are just a issue of embarrassment is unknown. One of two people way, the damages is done, and also Philip is outed as a liar to the city hall room of his new peers...and to, inevitably, the rest of the curious nation, together well.