sai brushes i gotta use at some point (一。一;;) mine likes are impossible to navigate v so I"m compiling sai brushes + structure that ns gotta use ultimately on this blogart account is

Hi! sorry if this has actually been asked prior to but what brush do u usage for the recent doodle? have a quite day!


A accuse I created a friend that wanted to know just how I drew the clouds from that San and also No challenge mask-swappiece i did.

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You can discover it via this link:

To check out this tutorial all together one big image (instead the several small ones) monitor this link:

This to be a lot fun to do ^__^ ns should much more eue

ns realized that the person I initially wrote this overview for has actually requested that world do not reblog uneven they’re replying with ways to gain soft-ish lineart brushes. Below is a rebloggable copy of my (incomplete) overview to SAI settings and also achieving “soft” lineart!

Original article here:

So I prefer hard, smooth currently myself (cel-shader here), yet I assumed I might offer general setting tips and direct friend to some resources. I m really sorry if any of this is obvious for you!

Warning: Very, an extremely long post.

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Dumps brush settings here because I can.

Texture percent is commonly the just variable aspect in this.

Older settings are here if you desire to see exactly how those were -

Skin - - is also Onta_oval I’m just a lazy fuck who hasn’t readjusted it) -, Rusted sidewalk and file are defults as much as i know, however they’re right here if girlfriend really are too lazy to check google - - (site isn’t working appropriate now but that is the appropriate site)Aprip brush to be based turn off this -

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onisuu’s SAI brush settings

these are my main 4! i do many of my work-related (90%) with them :)I expect you like them too!

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Procreate HB and also 6B brushes for repaint Tool SAI 2 (January update 25.01.2020)

repaint Tool Sai is a renowned software for home windows in the digital arts field, it is irradiate software and also easy come understand and work with. But classic Sai lacks a lot of progressed features and also brush settings, yet thanks God Beta Sai Ver 2 -25.01.2020 upgrade specifically- included revolutionary features
that advanced the intake of repaint tool sai; Such functions as Perspectives rulers, scatter brush, effect brush, brush groups and dynamic rulers and more!! i highly recommend switching to Sai ver 2 Beta together i insurance its present smooth flow without lags.

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Also those who tried procreate room fascinated with its HB and also 6B pen , and many want to have these tools for sai.. So i made these brushes easily accessible for sai using the scatter brush i m sorry is only discovered in Sai ver 2.


Follow the connect given below and :

copy the records with comparable names (BMP and also .int) to the following destination C:UsersUsernameDocumentsSYSTEMAX software application DevelopmentSAIv2settingsscatter Copy the serial BMP record to C:UsersUsernameDocumentsSYSTEMAX software program DevelopmentSAIv2settingsrushtexCreate brand-new scatter brush, choose the brush shape and texture and readjust settingsI imply playing v the density and also tweak some setups to experience and also understand exactly how scatter pen workHappy Drawing!!

PLEASE store IN mental :

You deserve to use these brushes without crediting me ( shoutouts are good tho) carry out not claim that these are your work, perform not offer them, and reposts room prohibited