Ozark trail 12-Person Cabin tent with display screen Porch is a unique designed summer camping tent with two floored rooms, numerous huge windows, two doors, and a good price.

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Ozark trace 12-Person Cabin time with display screen Porch.

Key features & benefits

Where to buy

What type of time is this

Here you have actually a beautiful designed family members camping tent built in the cabin layout with straight and also tall walls. This is a framework with 2 inner rooms add to a former screen porch. So ns would put it in the team of 3-room tents.

Note the the within divider is sewn-in (see the photo below), and also you have a zipper in the middle of it. This provides a little of privacy, however as you recognize you cannot expect lot of it in a tent.

The display area is not floored, so you have the right to use your camping furniture in the without being worried around the floor. It gives protection from flying insects, and it is with a roof therefore you have the right to sit in the shade and use the area for food preparation as well. I have consisted of it in my perform of finest family camping tents v a screen porch. The tent comes through an E-cable port shown listed below so friend can get power in.


Sewn-in divider.

E-cable port.

One could also describe this structure as a freestanding tent yet this is a tall and heavy building and construction so don’t also think of making use of it without stakes, they room included. The peak height is 90 in (229 cm), so girlfriend realize just how pleasant and also tall this framework is, see the photo below. Ns have added it to my perform of really tall tents for camping.

View inside v the divider open.The doors & windows

There are two vast doors that get to the display screen room, therefore both of the inside rooms have their very own door. The display screen room itself has a huge inverted-T shame door and also you have the right to see that in the top photo above.

The tent has 4 separate windows on the 3 sides, some space visible in the photo above. All are with mesh and zippered panels for privacy and rain protection. The two pointed out inner doors are likewise with mesh and panels, for this reason this makes 6 home windows in total. The display screen room has no panels so you have an excellent views everywhere around.

Who is the for

Space-wise, the tent is with the declared 12-person capacity. The inner area is 168 ft² (15.6 m²) and also this would suggest that you have 14 ft² (1.3 m²) every person. This is not much for together a number of people, and the photo below mirrors what the manufacturer argues for utilizing the floor. Although that is indeed possible to put 12 pads top top the floor, this is no so practical for actual camping.

The dimensions and the floor plan.

But this is certainly a large space and you can organize it together you wish.

If you use bunk camping cots, you have the right to have even an ext than 12 world inside. As you see from the photo above, the display room likewise provides 54 ft² (5 m²) of the extended area. This is not complete protection since the walls room mesh, but a huge part of it is defended from the rain. This adds come the lull of this tent.

Seasons-wise & climate-wise, over there is no doubt this is a summer camping tent and also most perfect for warmth weather camping. Watch the snapshot below to realize why; the ceiling is every mesh and you would not feel good in a cool environment.

The roof framework with mesh and fiberglass poles.

On the other hand, this is a pleasant high tent but this does no make it suitable for windy conditions. So use it in a quiet area. Note likewise that you have actually what they explain as a cathedral roof, this is good but this can not support any extra weight. This is why you have to avoid snow v this tent.

Weight-wise, through its 44 lb (20 kg) this is is a hefty tent. Nore additionally that that packed dimension is 28.9 x 17.3 x 10.9 customs (73 x 44 x 28 cm) so the is bulky. In any kind of case, friend will require a auto for transportation.

However, the setup time of this huge tent is some 20 minute or so. That is much less complicated to collection it up with a partner, this stop in details for the fly due to the fact that of the elevation of the tent.


The poles

You have a combination of steel used for that is 6+2 legs, and fiberglass provided for the 4 roof poles. The elbow facets which attach the roof poles and the legs space pre-attached to the time so friend cannot lose them, view one in the photo below.

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The poles attach to the tent with a combination of sleeves ~ above the roof and also clips, add to the normal pin-and-ring device at the basic of the tent, see the picture below.