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1/10 oz gold American Eagle Melt Value

The 1/10 oz yellow American Eagle coin consists of .1 trojan ounces of yellow bullion. The melt value of one 1/10 oz gold American Eagle coin is $181.05 based upon the present gold point out price.

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Product Description

Random Year 1/10 oz American yellow Eagle Coin

As the the smallest of all the American yellow Eagle coins, the 1/10 oz yellow Eagles room the easiest and best means for many species of human being to enjoy all the benefits of investing in gold.

Like all united state Mint yellow Eagle coins, these one-tenth oz coins present a stunningly thorough portrait of an eagle flying to his swarm on the reverse.

The obverse, proudly functions the well known Saint-Gaudens version of Lady Liberty.

Tenth oz American yellow Eagles have actually a $5 face value, i m sorry is labeling on the reverse also shows the united Statesmotto and also the declaration the each coin contains 1/10 oz fine gold.

Each 1/10 ounce Gold Eagle coin is 16.5mm in diameter, and the complete weight is practically .11 trojan ounces total.

1/10 oz gold Eagles carry out the chance to buy yellow coins for simply a fraction of the price of one ounce.

Random Year Tenth ounce Gold Eagle are one of the cheapest ways to purchase fractional sovereign federal government legal-tender gold coins.

The arbitrarily Year coins you obtain will be selected based on accessible dealer inventory.

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