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hatchet chapter 10The roman inn Republic
Term In geographical terms, Italy is
Definition A peninsula
Term In what means was the Roman legislation of the Twelve Tables choose the U. S. Constitution?
Definition They both were written to defend people"s rights.

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Term What was the facility of life in ancient Rome?
Definition The Forum
Term What was one factor the Roman trade network grew?
Definition Romans needed to bring in food from other pats of the Mediterranean.
Term What event after 88 BC had actually the most important impact on the roman inn republic"s government?
Definition Sulla named himself dictator.
Term In terms of prestige to Rome"s growth, which impact of Italy"s climate would certainly be ranked first?
Definition It detailed Romans with a big food supply.
Term What might of taken place if the roman inn nobles had not toppled their last king?
Definition Rome would have actually had an ext kings ~ him.
Term Why were Romans who were magistrates and Romans who took component in assemblies similar?
Definition Both could serve for just one year.
Term Why go many nearby countries declare battle on Rome?
Definition They were endangered by Rome"s power.
Term What was the most important result the death of the Gracchus brothers had actually on roman inn politics?
Definition Romans observed that violence can be supplied as a politics weapon.
Term What general led an attack on Rome in 218 BC?
Definition Hannibal
Term What taken place first?
Definition Laws were established by the patrician public official in Rome.
Term What duty does the system of checks and balances beat in U. S. Government?
Definition It avoids each branch indigenous overpowering the others.
Term according to legend, Aeneas concerned Rome from
Definition TROY
Term as time passed, the
Definition SENATE became more powerful and also took manage of the city"s finances
Term Rome"s last three kings were
Definition ETRUSCAN
Term Rome fought the Punic battles against
Definition CARTHAGE
Term as soon as the Romans conquered
Definition GREECE, they adopted much the the culture of the people who live there
Term numerous of Italy"s ancient cities were built on height of hills.
Definition TRUE
Term Rome"s early background is well documented by created records.
Definition FALSE
Term Rome"s government consisted of offices that could only be hosted by plebeians.
Definition TRUE
Term The roman Forum to be symbolic of the public nature of roman inn society.

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Definition TRUE
Term Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus want to aid the world of Rome.
Definition TRUE
Term Republic
Definition A government in which people elect your leaders
Term Dictators
Definition Rulers v absolute power
Term Plebeians
Definition Rome"s usual people
Term Patricians
Definition Noble, powerful citizens of Rome
Term Consuls
Definition Rome"s most an effective magistrates
Term Senate
Definition A board of directors of rich and an effective Romans that advised city leaders
Term Forum
Definition Rome"s public conference place
Term Tripartite
Definition Consisting of three parts
Term Legions
Definition Groups of soldiers
Term Purpose
Definition The factor something is done