We hope the you delighted in the information that was detailed in past weeks around the “Slow Poke” Law. This week, we inform you about several laws that most civilization don’t recognize about.

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The first law was written to clearly, quickly, and easily identify Law Enforcement vehicles as well as reduce the risk of individuals “Impersonating a legislation Enforcement Officer”.

What does this mean? Basically, the illegal to have any form of light that omits a blue shade light top top the top, front, side, under, on the dash of, or forward encountering area of any type of vehicle including the engine area that a motorcycle.

(b) The commissioner shall authorize the usage of red or amber flashing or revolving lights only when the human being or governmental agency shall demonstrate to the commissioner a proven need for equipping a car with emergency lights. The fee because that such lamp shall it is in $2.00, listed that no federal, state, county, or municipal governmental firm or one ambulance provider, as identified in Code ar 31-11-2, chandelier be compelled to pay such fee.

(c) Nothing contained in this Code section shall prohibit the commissioner native issuing a solitary special usage permit come cover an ext than one vehicle, listed each automobile covered under such one-of-a-kind use allow shall salary the fee specified in subsection (b) that this password section.

(d) other than as noted in this subsection, it shall it is in unlawful for any kind of person, firm, or corporation to operate any motor car or to park any kind of motor car on public residential or commercial property with flashing or revolving eco-friendly lights. This subsection chandelier not use to any kind of motor automobile being supplied by any type of law enforcement agency, fire department, emergency monitoring agency, or various other governmental entity to designate the ar of the command post for such agency, department, or entity at the website of one emergency.

What does every this mean? Basically, if you have actually a personal owned vehicle or motorcycle v a red, amber, or eco-friendly light that rotates or is qualified of flashing, you room in violation of this Code section unless you have been allowed by the commissioner of public safety to carry out so. Just because the light is secure burn go not average it’s okay, a Flashing pattern deserve to be do if you can turn the light off and on. There room exceptions because that the use of red and also amber lights for turn signals, brake lights, and also other standard safety signals/lights in various other laws.

If you space operating a Tow van make sure you have actually a permit issued by the commissioner of publicly safety and also displayed in the reduced passenger side edge of the windshield to it is in in compliance through the password Section.

In conclusion, if you carry out not placed blue, red, amber, or environment-friendly lights top top your auto then you have no threat of violating this laws. Both laws deserve to be enforced throughout the daytime or nighttime hours.

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If you have a legislation you’re interested in learning more about contact the Aragon Police room at (770) 684-6563 and leave SGT Hunter a voicemail.


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