This set of points that begin with a-z worksheets was created with several purposes in mind. The an initial was to develop upon the expertise of letter identification. Second, this worksheets introduce youngsters to the principle of identify words that start with each letter the the alphabet. Third, kids can to speak the words and practice the beginning sound (they have both long and short vowel sounds). And also lastly, they can shade the pictures and the letters.

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26 worksheets

CCSS RF.K.3.A and RF.K.3.B

Please go to this page to watch the coordinating things that begin with a-z cards or this page to see more alphabet worksheets.


Things that begin with A

Take a look in ~ some points that start with letter a ~ above this worksheet: apple, astronaut, airplane, ant, acorn & alligator. Check out the words, one the letter a, and also color.


Things that begin with B

The indigenous that begin with b on this worksheet room bed, ball, bear, button, bat, and bee. Repeat the words, one the beginning b, and also color the cute pictures!


Things that begin with C

Come and also see all the cute things that begin with the letter c! castle are images of a cow, cat, cake, car, cup, and also candy. Read the words, circle the c, and also color!


Things that begin with D

Have fun v this worksheet the things starting with the letter d. You’ll find a dog, dinosaur, duck, doll, dress and also donut come read and also color. One the start d.


Things that start with E

Here’s 6 points that begin with e: elephant, eagle, elf, egg, ear, and also envelope and also they’re every on this worksheet! check out the words making certain to notice the start e.

Join in the fun v this indigenous that beginning with f worksheet. Say and sound out the letter f and also the native feet, fish, fan, flower, football & fire. Coloring funny is required!

This worksheet of things start with g include pictures & words for girl, gift, ghost, gate, game & garbage. Review the words, one the letter g and also color.

The things beginning with h ~ above this worksheet room hamburger, hammer, hat, house, heart, & hand. Say the word, one the beginning h, & include color to the pictures.

This points that begin with i worksheet contains the words (and pictures) ice cream, iron, island, ice, igloo and also iguana. Say every word, circle the i, color the picture.

Here’s a worksheet with images of native that start with the letter j: jeans, jar, jellyfish, jelly beans, a jack, and a jack-o-lantrn. Say the word, circle the letter j and also color the pictures.

Some words that start with the letter k room kitten, koala, king, kangaroo, key, & kite. Say the words the end loud, listen for the k sound, circle every k, and also color the page.

Here’s an great worksheet with six objects that start with l. They space lion, lock, leaf, lemon, log, & ladybug. Youngsters say the words, one the l, and also color.

This things beginning with the letter m worksheet has pictures and also the words because that monkey, milk, moon, mop, mouse, and also mug. Kids say the words, circle the beginning m, & color.

This worksheet has actually six points that start with one n: nuts, net, nose, nest, necklace, and also nurse. Have children say the words, one the n, then shade the pictures.

Things that start with the letter o space right below on this worksheet! They space octopus, otter, owl, ostrich, orange, & onion. One the start o and color.

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I expect you and also your children have fun reading the words because that these objects that start with the letter p: pencil, pizza, pumpkin, pear, pig & pickle. Determine the beginning letter p & color.