Some users have actually reported a difficulty where they room unable to use their iPhones keypad (also dubbed dial pad) to beat in number while they are on a call call. This have the right to be a serious problem when make the efforts to do a contact that calls for entering information and selecting food selection options. This problem seems to impact users’ ability to go into numbers for phone prompts for many different phone call numbers, and so shows up to be a general problem for the impacted users. This worry has influenced people using different cell services.

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One user reports being able to use the keypad when on a phone speak to only if the phone is no on speaker, but if the phone is on speaker – the means many world will dial a number they know will call for making multiple food selection selections prior to being placed on organize – they can not input menu selections using the keypad. At least one user reports the after trying to go into from the keypad, the contact will fail.

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Problems choose this have been watched before. Over there are posts in Apple’s discussions dating earlier to 2014 indigenous an iphone phone 5 user to run iOS 8.

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How to Fix

We very first explain about the 2 keypads you can find on your iPhone, then offer some general tips to shot and solve the problem, and also finally perform a few alternative choices that have worked for some users.

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The 2 Keypads

As a few users who have experienced this trouble have realized, there space two iphone keypads. When you room in an energetic call, over there is an choice to choose the keypad indigenous the call screen.


Drag the slider, Wait because that 30 seconds.Press and hold the side button until you check out the apple logo.iPhone SE (1st gen), 5 or earlierPress and also hold the top button until the strength off slider appears.
Drag the slider, Wait for 30 seconds.Press and hold the top switch until you check out the apologize logo.

Update come the recent iOS

Keeping her iPhone updated is important. Often civilization will discover that one update has actually fixed an concern they are having. Go to setups > general > software application Update. Install any easily accessible updates.

Force Restart

iPhone 12, 11, X, 8 or iphone SE (2nd gen)Press and release the volume increase button, then immediately press and also hold the volume under button.While holding the volume down button, press and hold the side button.When the Apple logo design appears, release both buttons.iPhone 7Press and also hold both the volume down button and the Sleep/Wake side button.When the Apple logo design appears, release both buttons.iPhone 6 or iphone SE (1st gen)Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake (top or side) button and the home button.When the Apple logo design appears, release both buttons.

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Other things to Try

These suggestions are things the some individuals who have experienced this problem have said operated for them.

Turn turn off VPN

Go to setups > general > VPN to find your VPN settings.

Muting/Turning turn off Speaker

Some users have actually said that pushing mute allows them to do the number selection. Press mute again after making the selection. Other users have actually said the they can’t use the keypad while utilizing the speaker because that audio and also that they to be able to usage the keypad if castle turned turn off the speaker – so that the audio came through iPhone’s regular phone speaker.

Reset Network Settings

Be warned that this resets her Wi-Fi networks and also passwords, cell settings, VPN and APN settings. To reset network settings, go to settings > basic > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Reinstall Apps and also Data

A user who stated he had this worry on multiple previous iPhones too claimed the reinstalling all apps and also data native scratch functioned to resolve the issue. It might be a pain to reinstall all your apps and re-enter all her settings. If friend would favor to shot this:

Make a backup first. Make sure your essential files, photos and also data are conserved to one of two people your computer or iCloud. You have the right to use your back-up in instance the solution does not work for you.Go to settings > general > Reset > Erase every Content and Settings. Enter your passcode or Apple identifier if requested and confirm the Erase.You can restore your iCloud files and re-download her apps indigenous the app Store.

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See reclaim your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to factory settings for much more on restoring her iPhone.

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Apple Support

If your problem hasn’t been addressed by following any type of of the above steps, friend may call Apple assistance for much more assistance.