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This 26-card standard-size set was created by Donruss come commemorate yearly of Ryan"s skilled baseball career. Both political parties of the map bear the Coca-Cola logo, and four-card cello packs with one Ryan card and also three regular problem 1992 Donruss cards were inserted in 12-can package of Coca-Cola classic, caffeine-free Coca-Cola classic, diet Coke, caffeine-free diet Coke, Sprite, and diet Sprite. An sell on the back panel the specially significant Coca-Cola multi-packs (and the labels of two-liter bottles) made accessible boxed factory sets with a mail-in market for 8.95 and UPC symbols from multi-pack wraps of Coca-Cola products. The promo ran native April come June and also covered almost 90 percent of the country. The cards are numbered top top the back in chronolgical order; every year Nolan is pictured with his then-current team, new York Mets (NYM), Californoia Angels (CA), Houston Astros (HA), Texas ranger (TR). Read much less »

This 26-card standard-size collection was produced by Donruss to commemorate annually of Ryan"s skilled baseball career. Both political parties of the map bear the Coca-Cola logo, and also four-card cello packs v one Ryan card and three regular concern 1992 Donruss cards were inserted in 12-can packs of Coca-Cola c... Read more »

"The Cards to be in a little worse form than i thought...but I know that G-VG is no in the ideal condition...All Good.... I will usage as "fillers" because that now.Really....Thank You blessings !!!!"


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