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I assumed of that... But the truth that who takes a van off road does no make the axle fluid capacity larger.So carry out they average Pro-4X and Desert Runners?

They mean off roadway models...anything that comes through the M226 diff. Notice the viscosity is different as well.
Yes. The PRO-4X and also runners have a different rear axle in them. A Dana 44 but Nissan calls it a M226. Other models have a C200.
fluid typec200-api gl-5 syn 75w-90m226-api gl-5 syn 75w-140front diff 4wd api gl-5 80w-90capacitiesc200- 3-3/8 pts. (1.60l)m226- 4-1/4 pts. (2.01l)front(4wd) 1-3/4 pts (0.85l)
But you"ll have extra as soon as you readjust it next time for this reason you"ll only need 1 quart because that the following few. That also method that you have some extra on hand in instance of leaks.
O/R = Off-Road version = the surname of the Pro-4X model before they used the Pro-4x name. It was called "Off-Road" prior to it was called "Pro-4X", exact same thing.
OK royal Purple makes a gl-5 75w-90 equipment oil, no the 80w-90 the factory says to use. Because that the former differential.Does this make any difference in ~ all? mine guess is no; yet what to speak you all?
I"m running the royal Purple 75w-90 in my front right now with no noticeable problems. The true test will certainly be when I readjust it out following time. Technically speaking, the will have actually slightly lower wear protection than the specified liquid when cold, however the same at operating temps. The method I watch it is the I"m no going to jump in my truck cold and also go tear it increase in 4wd anyways.
Unless you room on the pure ragged limit, any kind of gear oil will certainly do. When you start pushing the limit the is as soon as the details start to matter.75W90 is perfectly acceptable. Biggest downfall is the included cost over the mass 80W90 standard oil that was the factory fill.
i think redline do an mt-90 that is 80w90. Remember utilizing their ingredient in my supercharged scion. That slushbox witnessed some difficult shifts. Redline is good stuff, i think everyone has actually their fav, but any kind of synth is head and also shoulders much better than a dino (extreme cold beginning KC, excessive heat TX).

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