Funeral benefit Program Saves family members Money

Most world qualify and no clinical exam is required! Click now to get a free final expense insurance quote native the Funeral advantage program.

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Funeral benefit Program Saves families Money

Most world qualify and also no clinical exam is required! Click currently to acquire a totally free final expense insurance quote native the Funeral benefit program.

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Fast Cash come Cover final Expenses

Approved claims Paid in 24 Hours

Expert Price Guidance professional funeral cost advice and price savingsEmotional Support Caring and also experienced aid for your loved onesSimplified Coverage simply a one-page applicationEasy Qualifications No clinical exam, just basic health questionsAffordable Monthly Rates Perfect for families on a solved income



Rated A+ by the better Business office (BBB)

Patricia Brown
5 Star Rating

"I want to thank you so very much for the quick response in processing and also handling mine son’s claim.

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Yes, having actually to use this policy has actually been sad yet your prompt company to expedite payment to proceed with his funeral has actually been an extremely much appreciated. Ns have had to handle a lot of the paperwork ~ his passing, and Lincoln Heritage has been very helpful and also compassionate to me during this process. Thank girlfriend again for every the assistance with this case for my son." 

Betty Lee
5 Star Rating

"I evaluate your deepest sympathy in the lose of my brother. Your business is fast with the process of the claim and also I will certainly recommend you to anyone there is no life insurance. Thank you for her service." 

Heidi May
5 Star Rating

"Their help, communication and also timeliness to be excellent. I really much evaluate working v Lincoln Heritage. Say thanks to you for the ease with which you made the process." 

Anthony Moyers
5 Star Rating

"Great experience. Timely response to every little thing that was needed. Say thanks to you because that your assist making this terrible time a bit much easier on my family and I."

Shane Seeley
5 Star Rating

"No hassle and also fast. Very courteous and also sympathetic and when they stated the insurance inspect would it is in there right away it was. Great company! Thank you!" 

Mrs. BH, Inwood, WV
5 Star Rating

"Thank you so much in the dealing with of mine mother"s claim on my behalf. Mom constantly worried the I had actually so lot stress on me, taking treatment of her these last 2 years. These past few months she suffered ever before so much with her cancer. I recognize she is laugh from Heaven and also blessing girlfriend for all your assist and words of comfort." 

Mrs. TB, Vancouver, WA
5 Star Rating

"I simply wanted come let you know just how I appreciated the sympathy her staff showed me when handling your company. It has been hard taking care of my father"s death and your firm didn"t send me through a many changes regarding his policy. Also, your company handled our case in a stylish manner. Again, give thanks to you for your agency and the fantastic customer service." 

Mr. SK, Ludington, MI
5 Star Rating

"As a family, we desire to express ours deep evaluation for her promptness in handling our claim. Going through the fatality of a loved one is never ever easy, but your great timetable of solution and the way in i m sorry you responded is exemplary. The funeral home, which us dealt with, had never proficient such ease and convenience." 

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