Sometimes we must round numbers to do them simpler, or we require to remove the decimal section of a number. This indict discusses number ar values, the mathematical rules of rounding, and also provides examples. There are number of rounding functions in Excel, therefore it"s necessary that we recognize the principle of rounding.

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The ar Values that Numbers

Each digit in a number has a place value. Integers space to the left that the decimal suggest and their ar values space ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and also so on. Together we relocate left indigenous the decimal point, each location value is ten times bigger than the digit to its right.


Decimals are to the right of the decimal point, and their location values space tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc. As we move right native the decimal point, each location value is one-tenth as big as the number on its left.

How Does round off Work?

When round off a number, we either ring it down and make that a little smaller, or round it up and also make it a little larger. To identify which, us inspect the number to the prompt right that the rounding position and follow this rules:

Round under if the number that adheres to is less than 5Round up if the number that follows equates to 5 or is greater than 5

A Tutorial

Rounding Integers

When round off an integer, all place values come the ideal of the rounding position are filled with zeros. For example, let"s round 8,372 to the hundreds position, which at this time contains the number 3. Due to the fact that the number following the 3 is a 7, us raise the 3 come a 4, and also the answer is 8,400.

Naturally, if the above number had a decimal portion, it would be discarded.

Rounding Decimals

If we round a decimal to a particular place value, every numbers to the right of that ar value room discarded. Let"s ring 9.631 come the one per 10 position. The 6 is in the one per 10 position. Because the number adhering to the 6 is a 3, we keep the 6 (round down) and the prize is 9.6.

A Tutorial

More round off Examples

Let"s ring to various location values the number 725.947. Examine the image below when analysis the examples.


Example 1: round number to tens: Answer: 730A 2 is in the 10s position. The number adhering to is 5, so we round up, fill v zeros to the decimal point, and also discard the decimal portion.

Example 2: round number to hundredths: Answer: 725.95A 4 is in the percentage percent position and also the number following is higher than 5. So we raise 4 approximately 5 and discard the rest of the decimal.

Example 3: round number come hundreds: Answer: 700The number 7 is in the hundreds place. Due to the fact that a 2 follows, we store the 7 (round down), fill with zeros to the decimal point, and also discard the decimal part.

Example 4: ring number to tenths: Answer: 725.9A 9 is in the tenths position. Because it is followed by a 4, us round down and also keep the 9, plus litter away the remainder of the decimal.

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Bonus Question

Let"s intend we are rounding the complying with number to the tenths position:


What is the answer? 53.0

Why? The 9 is in the tenths position. The number come the right of 9 is a 6, so us round up the 9 come 10. Which means we place a zero in the one per 10 position, and raise the ones position from 2 come 3 (we "carry the one").