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Mr. MagooSuperstar SummaryTHE STAR: Quincy MagooYEAR of DEBUT: 1949 (RAGTIME BEAR)STUDIO that DEBUT: UPASIGNATURE: "Oh, Magoo, you"ve done it again!"KEY CREW BEHIND THE STAR: Jim Backus (voice); john Hubley, Pete Burness (directors), Phil Eastman, Millard Kaufman, prick Kinney, bill Scott (writers)CAREER HIGH: MR. MAGOO"S CHRISTMAS CAROL (1962) - A charming, tuneful adaptation the Dicken"s classic with Magoo perfectly actors as Scrooge.Mr. Magoo has actually been the primary resource of unintentional disasters and injuries for over 40 years. Attired originally with a lengthy coat, hat and also cane, Magoo is a late center aged bachelor that is short and bald. Originally he was conceived as a loud, crotchety, difficult-to-please older man whose quick temper and also stubbornness propelled him with life. Later on cartoon adventures mellowed his personality, revealing a good heartedness and also sentimentality in ~ the disagreeable exterior. That became an ext of a gentleman who was particularly courteous in the direction of women, or inanimate objects choose lampposts, i m sorry he viewed as women.The feeling in Mr. Magoo cartoons derives indigenous his physics handicap of not being may be to watch things clearly and how he triumphs end situations and also people regardless of this obstacle. His near-sightedness regularly seems to border top top blindness together he stumbles through life mistaking pets for old school chums, inanimate objects choose stoplights and also coat racks because that policemen or sales clerks and also misreads signs and also store logos.Such activity would lug instant disaster to any kind of other person. But Magoo"s stubborn determination that the is appropriate in his presumptions seems to defend him from all damage while regularly bringing destruction to anyone and also anything else in the instant vicinity. In a sense, Magoo has uncovered how come survive and also flourish in an insane people by life happily in his own an individual reality.Magoo is unique amongst cartoon characters for countless reasons but in specific because the behaved as a real human. Unlike various other cartoon stars that did not get smashed, stretched, sliced or blown up. In fact, some at an early stage critics compared him to the live activity comedian W. C. Fields. Both characters had bulbous noses, fought against mindless authority, and had a blustery actions when challenged.However, unlike Fields, Magoo genuinely loved the world and also was a male of principle. Particularly in the later on cartoons, trouble normally began because Magoo was trying to aid someone not because he was trying come take benefit of a situation or a person.MEET MR. MAGOOIn a way, Mr. Magoo owes his presence to Walt Disney. In the 1940s, few of Disney"s vital animation personnel to be dissatisfied with Walt"s technique of operation. They eventually formed their own animation company, united Productions that America (UPA), and produced education films. In 1948 this new studio, currently headed increase by Stephen Bosustow, derived a contract through Columbia pictures to develop animated shorts because that theaters. Promise a fresh begin for animation, talent started pouring in to the studio.Rather 보다 relying ~ above the cute funny animals that were the clip of other larger computer animation studios, like Disney and Warners, UPA made decision to develop distinctive person characters. They wanted to experiment with animation and personalities. The new studio flourished as critics and also the Motion picture Academy heaped praise and also Oscars on them.The an initial and possibly the many successful that these developments was the catastrophically myopic Mr. Quincy Magoo. He made his an initial appearance in the theatrical short RAGTIME be affected by each other (1949) where he failure a bear for his raccoon coated nephew, Waldo. That very first short, written by Millard Kaufman, was directed by john Hubley, an innovative animator. Hubley later went ~ above to get several Oscars for films he did because that his own Storyboard Inc. His name will constantly be one of those closely linked with the beginnings of Magoo.Magoo"s creation was the result of the contributions of many solid and talented people. Supposedly, Hubley initially based the character on a bullheaded uncle the his named Harry Woodruff who can not be convinced he was wrong when he had made a snap judgment. Jim Backus, that was hired to carry out the voice for the character, saw aspects of his very own father in the character, a guy who was almost personally isolated native the remainder of the world. To achieve that effect, Backus made use of the voice of among his earlier voice creations from a well-known radio show. The character was "The male In The club Car," a according to mouthed businessman filled v misinformation. Every one of these aspects helped kind Magoo"s personality."We consisted of a complete biography because that the small jerk," commented Backus. "He i graduated from Rutgers in 1901. Magoo studied to be a zeppelin commander, however never do the grade. He"s a card transferring Republican and was on the Committee to Re- elect William McKinley."Despite Backus" success in other locations including his visibility together the millionaire on GILLIGAN"S ISLAND, that was always haunted by the reputation of Magoo. "I"d prefer to bury the old creep and get some good dramatic functions in movies. That is a ache in the posterior. Every time I start to be a severe actor I lose out because someone - typically a producer - says I"m Magoo." Yet regardless of those feelings, Backus for countless years drove around Hollywood v the license plate "Q MAGOO."MAGOO i do not care A STARHaving had actually a success through RAGTIME BEAR, UPA provided Magoo on and off. However, that quickly came to be the most popular of the UPA creations. Columbia Pictures, who released UPA cartoons in theater demanded more. Director Pete Burness, who later operated for the Jay Ward Studios to be made responsible for several Magoo shorts a year, including the 2 Academy award winners, as soon as MAGOO FLEW (1954) and also MISTER MAGOO"S pond JUMPER (1956).In the an initial cartoon, Magoo thinks he is in a movie theater when he has actually simply boarded an plane and is thrust into a real life adventure worrying an escaped thief. Needless come add, Magoo enjoys the "movie" although the regrets the the "theater" didn"t present a cartoon prior to the "main feature."In the various other cartoon, Magoo and his nephew Waldo have actually a harrowing time in a freshly purchased electrical car. Magoo promptly guides it off the road and also under water.Magoo"s success external the studio was no a source of happiness inside UPA. The studio had originally created to produce avant garde and experimental shorts similar to the strong dramatic TELL story HEART (based top top the quick story through Edgar Allen Poe) and also the whimsical UNICORN IN THE GARDEN (based on James Thurber"s quick story). Now, like the other major studios, castle were compelled to "churn out" one Magoo after an additional for gaue won survival.Just as various other cartoon personalities got rounder and cuter, Magoo likewise softened however the softening to be not just in the architecture of the character yet in his personality. As created by Hubley, the character, even if he had actually been able come see, would certainly still have actually been a bullheaded, opinionated old guy constantly in part trouble since of his stubbornness.Veering far from this angry origin, writers and directors concentrated an ext and much more on the nearsightedness and made him more lovable and sentimental. Year later, director Burness wonder in one interview if the character might have to be even much more successful if Magoo had actually remained "crotchety, also somewhat nasty."In the beforehand UPA cartoons, the layout is darker and more angular and also the pacing slow and an ext deliberate. Problem INDEMNITY (1950) had Magoo for this reason wrapped up in a crime novel the was analysis that he take it on the persona that a exclusive detective to save Waldo. Waldo only required a hundred dollars to fix his father"s automobile but discovered himself caught up in Magoo"s film noir world. Jim Backus, himself, come up v a storyline because that a Magoo cartoon, destination MAGOO (1954). In the story, Magoo erroneously gets in a rocket built by an old school friend that is now a renowned scientist. The rocket floor in the LUNA amusement park and also Magoo mistakes his own picture in a fun home mirror because that an alien and the rest of the park together the moon"s surface.The later Magoo cartoons have actually a brighter shade scheme and also lighter story lines. BWANA MAGOO (1959) was one of the critical theatrical Magoo cartoons. In the story, Magoo failure a lion because that Waldo and also traps Waldo in the cage.Magoo was extremely popular, sometimes acquiring billing end the key feature. Choose Mel Blanc, Backus traded a raise in salary because that billing on the cartoons and also became even much more famous. (His mam Henny was carried in to carry out the voice for mom Magoo, Magoo"s 85 year old mother.)In the late 1950"s, as soon as UPA proclaimed to lessen its output and closed its brand-new York Studio, the California branch sustained itself by creating material because that television and also commercials. Magoo ended up being a key marketing device, shilling light bulbs for basic Electric. ("It"s simple to see, the best bulbs room G.E.!")MAGOO"S attribute DEBUTIt was somewhat organic that once UPA determined to produce its very first full length attribute film, Magoo would certainly be referred to as upon to render service. Two proposals to be developed. One was based upon the novel **Don Quixote** and also boasted a manuscript by famed writer Aldous Huxley (**Brave new World**). Yet the book was not as well known together the various other project, for this reason A THOUSAND and ONE NIGHTS (1959) ended up being UPA and also Magoo"s first feature. Constant Magoo manager Pete Burness was set to direct, yet left in the middle of pre-producton. Disney animator Jack Kinney stepped in to take control. Abe Levitow to be head animator. In the story, Magoo played a bumbling Baghdad lamp dealer named Azziz Magoo. He wants his carefree nephew, Aladdin, to obtain married and also settle down. Aladdin drops in love with the beautiful Princess Yasminda who is about to wed the angry Wazir. The Wazir craves power and wants a magic lamp the is buried in a treasure cave. Only Aladdin, seventh child of a saturday son, has the power to open the cave. The Genie in the lamp helps Aladdin win Yasminda. Unfortunately, Magoo, that is unaware the the magic that the lamp, transforms it end to the wicked Wazir. However, Magoo continuous upsets the Wazir"s schemes and helps to ultimately defeat him.The screenplay was by Czenzi Ormonde. The movie featured one extremely solid voice cast including Kathryn provide (Princess), Dwayne Hickman (Aladdin), Hans Conried (Wazir), Herschel Bernardi (Genie), Daws Butler and also Alan Reed.This film supported the largest array of Magoo merchandise ever readily available including a hand puppet (in gown and fez), a lifesize rubber mask of Magoo, a lapel pin, a felt fez (with Magoo"s surname on it) and a paris carpet toy it is provided by a balloon. In ~ the time, Magoo to be the spokesman for basic Electric and they announced "one the the most ambitious campaigns ever undertaken through a major manufacturer and a motion picture company." beginning with a full page advertisement in Life Magazine, to publicize the film. GE"s 300,000 dealers received window streamers and promotion kits v the Genie the the desk lamp holding a crate of GE"s Soft White irradiate bulbs.To additional publicize the film, arrangements were made so the Magoo in his 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS outfit funded U.S. Savings Bonds. 40,000 U.S. Write-up Office delivery trucks, countless banks and also countless local businesses had actually a poster of Magoo stating that Bonds were "Your magic carpet to the future!"Despite all this effort, the film was no a success and is small remembered today.MAGOO top top TVUPA now dedicated more time to tv production. Between 1960 and also 1962, the studio produced 130 individual sequences the Magoo adventures because that television. (They additionally did one equal number of Dick Tracy cartoons in ~ the same time.) The cartoons were an initial released as a half-hour series. Some shorts didn"t even star Magoo, concentrating instead top top various secondary characters. In between the shorts there were small animated lead-ins in i beg your pardon after an initial gag a character would announce a cartoon was coming up. Several of these shorts, specifically the ones certification Magoo, are highly entertaining although obviously done with spending plan restrictions.In 1962, throughout the Christmas season, UPA produced the an initial animated tv Christmas special: MR. MAGOO"S CHRISTMAS CAROL. Directed by Abe Levitow, the story involved Magoo make his Broadway phase appearance as Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens" standard Christmas tale.Certainly a high point in the old geezer"s vivid career, the distinct featured plenty of memorable songs by Jule Styne and also Bob Merrill. When the special once again obtained high ratings the complying with year, NBC decided it was a great concept for a series.For the network, UPA arisen a element time program entitled THE well known ADVENTURES that MR. MAGOO. Premiering ~ above September 19, 1964, the collection ran because that 26 episodes and cast Magoo together a key character in stories based upon famous novels. Magoo was Captain Ahab, lengthy John Silver, Dr. Watson and also a hold of other characters. Obviously Magoo was merely playing a role because no one of the characters suffered indigenous near-sightedness nor were perplexed old guys like Magoo himself. Several episodes the this series have been retitled and issued come syndication seperately, such together MR. MAGOO"S treasure ISLAND.Strangely, in the middle of its very first season, the present was moved to a new time slot the contrary GILLIGAN"S ISLAND (in its very first season) wherein Jim Backus to be making cult TV history. Audience obviously had loved MR. MAGOO"S CHRISTMAS CAROL for various other reasons 보다 seeing Magoo play a famed role. The collection was canceled after one season, if the initial Christmas special ongoing to run for countless years. Magoo usually disappeared from new productions till 1970 once he appeared in one hour lengthy TV unique entitled UNCLE SAM MAGOO, again directed by Levitow. It to be a collection of vignettes detailing the background of America.DePatie-Freleng obtained the rights to revive the personality in 1977 for an all new Saturday morning television show called WHAT"S NEW, mr MAGOO? on CBS. Magoo was offered a talking white dog named McBarker (also voiced by Backus) and nephew Waldo returned. Magoo was when again as much as his old antics that mistaking building equipment for a used vehicle lot with common disastrous outcomes or detouring from his course reunion come a zoo and never noticing the difference. The show lasted one season. Each fifty percent hour consisted of two adventures and only 13 fifty percent hours to be made.In 1987, Warner brothers announced a live action feature based on the Magoo character. Part insiders to be hoping the Jim Backus would portray the character. However when Jim Backus yielded to Parkinsons condition in 1989 the hope also died.The Magoo library (along v a variety of other UPA properties) was acquired by Morrison Entertainment team in beforehand 1989. Plans began to re-market the shorts and characters. Announced plans had a 40th birthday one-of-a-kind for Magoo, that never materialized, and a possible Halloween special. However, the fall of 1989 observed Magoo go back to TV in re-runs ~ above the USA cable network. Speak of the live activity feature continued.MAGOO"S CO-STARSOver the decades, a host of supporting personalities appeared and disappeared. Perhaps the finest remembered character was Waldo, Magoo"s lanky, goofy nephew who was often an unwitting participant in his uncle"s escapades. V his upturned hat and protruding upper lip, he to be a parody of the university teen personalities of the period. In the Sixties, that was given a girlfriend named Millie and a best friend called Prezley that really resembled a cartoonish W. C. Fields.Magoo had a range of pets including Bowser the cat that Magoo thought was a watchdog. Later, talk dogs prefer Caesar and McBarker come on the scene. He likewise had Hamlet, the Hamster, who combated Caesar in a collection of shorts that were component of the 1960"s TV group.Like countless superstars, Magoo obtained a never finishing supply that relatives consisting of Tycoon Magoo, really rich and also amoral man. He would send his unfortunate butler, Worcestershire, to shot and avoid Magoo from inadvertently interfering with his projects. Mommy Magoo to be a an extremely hip mrs in her late Eighties. She was involved in activities like gyeongju cars yet had come endure the misguided attentions of her well an interpretation son who thought she to be a helpless, old fashioned widow.Taking care of Magoo"s 2 story house was Charlie, a Chinese servant. His ethnic stereotyping, which had huge, buck teeth, might be unappealing for modern-day audiences. Prefer the other characters in the series, Charlie often did the physical enduring for "Mr. Magloo"s" (sic) self-incurred disasters. (The shorts the aired top top the USA cable network had actually Charlie redubbed come a typical anglo voice.)Magoo drove a 1913 Stutz Bearcat automobile which verified as durable and memorable together the character himself. It to be the one item which appeared frequently in the numerous versions that his adventures, other than for his an ext literary episodes. MAGOO"S various other SIGHTINGSMagoo, unlike various other cartoon superstars did not have an extensive life external his animated antics. He appeared in a grasp of comics in the early on 1950s and also then summary again in the early 1960s. The late 1960s saw a Magoo newspaper comic piece that did not receive broad distribution. Over there were later some paperback books issued containing collection of this strip. There has been part nominal Magoo merchandising, yet nothing compared to his other superstars. (One exception occured throughout the promotion of his feature, 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS in 1959.)However, Magoo"s film life is easily obtainable. A huge majority of his theatrical work, including his feature, have been on videotape for part time. Freshly Kid Flicks began issuing the TV shorts, consisting of the lead-ins, on video.SUPERSTAR QUALITYMagoo"s career has actually spanned end 40 years. As soon as he first began to get recognition, it to be reported that Walt Disney request rhetorically, "How long deserve to one actually look in ~ Magoo"s antics?" Luckily this is one time the Disney to be wrong. Even though Magoo is usually a one-joke comic, his established personality has kept the entertaining audiences because that decades. Favor his limited eyesight, Magoo hasn"t permit his somewhat limited cartoon lifestyle obtain him down.CREATORS QUOTES"The just thing left to do is an X-rated Magoo!" - Jim Backus, Magoo"s voice"My favourite Magoo is FUDDY DUDDY BUDDY wherein he is play tennis through a walrus and also we composed a scene wherein Magoo realizes that is nearsighted and also says, "Gee, ns don"t care. Ns like him." We never did the again... feeling we destroyed the character." - bill Scott, UPA storyman"The Magoo personality epitomized what everybody wanted to do.

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People would favor to attain things by luck, through chance, by circumstance, but without working for it." - Stephen Bosustow, chairman of UPA"Magoo, according to Jim, is a raunchy, lecherous, ultra- conservative, mildly racist, dress chasing, old bastard." - Henny Backus, mam of Jim Backus"The necessary thing to be Magoo"s absolute self confidence, the pure certainty he feels that he is right at all times." - Pete Burness, director"We had a running gag with Magoo in i m sorry he carried a cane and also would lash out at what looked prefer a dog, crying, "Down! Down!" ...sometimes it to be a fireplug; occasionally something else." - Stephen Bosustow, president of UPA"We"ve always felt the an X-rated Magoo, done through a little of taste, would be a blockbuster. Deserve to you imagine that nearsighted old curmudgeon mistaking a home of ill repute for a vehicle wash?" - Henny Backus, wife of Jim Backu