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Mr. Hoo go not prefer Mr. Westing since he felt the Westing had stolen his idea.

anyone at Sunset Towers was specifically favored to it is in there, and also even the businesses were designed for the hand-picked tenants. This is why the structure had a an are for a Chinese restaurant, for example....

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Mr. Hoo go not choose Mr. Westing due to the fact that he felt the Westing had actually stolen his idea.

Everyone in ~ Sunset Towers to be specifically liked to be there, and even the businesses to be designed for the hand-picked tenants. This is why the structure had a an are for a Chinese restaurant, because that example. That was for Mr. Hoo.

Sam Westing was a an extremely rich man. He had actually a file products factory. He has been missing for years, and even presumed dead. Once his heirs room gathered in ~ Sunset Towers, at very first no one to know what is going on. Even though they all move in, they carry out not necessarily all have positive opinions of Westing.

Sam Hoo in particular blames Westing because that stealing an essential idea from him.

“James Hoo. He claimed Westing stole his idea the the disposable record diaper.” (Ch. 9) 

This is the factor that James Hoo filed a lawsuit versus Sam Westing. Sandy shares his notes around the heirs, consisting of this entry about James Hoo. 

Hoo sue Sam Westing end the invention of the disposable record diaper. Instance never concerned court (Westing disappeared). Resolved with the agency last year for $25,000. Think he to be cheated. Recent invention: record innersoles. (Ch. 17) 

Mr. Hoo ends up to run a Chinese restaurant v his wife, due to the fact that he did no make his luck on the paper diaper. Otis Amber considers Hoo an “angry man” and a “madman” and also suspects him when things walk wrong, such together bombs going off (Ch. 16).

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In the end, Mr. Hoo was no the bomber. He does invent record insoles and also makes his fortune native that. Sandy takes the credit for the document insoles, yet ultimately he appears to have actually been helping Mr. Hoo out due to the fact that he supposedly stole the diaper idea. You see, Sandy turned the end to be Mr. Westing. The all worked out in the end.