Lights, camera, action, and also happy traveling! Pennsylvania’s charm and also iconic destinations make the perfect film places for the silver- screen. Indigenous diners and cemeteries to theaters and also churches, we’ve acquired an unlimited supply of movie (and tv!) magic. The cameras space rolling, so involved Pennsylvania and also recreate your very own Oscar-worthy manufacturing — or just flaunt your remarkable pop culture knowledge.

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1. Philadelphia arts Museum procedures - Rocky


Perhaps one of the many iconic scenes in movie history is Rocky Balboa to run up Benjamin Franklin Parkway and victoriously climb the actions of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Can you hear that? it’s “Eye that the Tiger” play in the distance as you ascend all 72 steps and stand, victorious, top top the marker with Rocky’s footprints. Don’t forget to take it a snapshot with the larger-than-life statue the the famed boxer.

2. Llanerch Diner - silver- Linings Playbook

Upper Darby

 Llanerch Diner | Silver Linings Playbook

Have a budding romance? take it your an initial date come the same location where play (Bradley Cooper) and also Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) to win up their romance in “Silver Linings Playbook”: the Llanerch Diner in upper Darby. Girlfriend can even sit in the specific booth the movie to be filmed in 2012 and also take a photo with the plaque to note your visit!

3. Bethlehem stole Blast heaters - Transformers: Revenge the The Fallen


Bethlehem stole Blast furnaces | Transformers: Revenge the the Fallen

The epic opening robot fight in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” is set against a unique industrial PA backdrop: the former Bethlehem stole blast furnaces. Today, what was when one that the biggest steel producer in America has actually been transformed right into the SteelStacks, a 10-acre campus devoted to arts, culture, and also large-scale events like Musikfest.

4. Cambria County battle Memorial Arena - Slap Shot


Cambria County war Memorial Arena | Slap Shot

Diehard pan of the 1977 hockey film “Slap Shot” deserve to visit the first Summit Arena at Cambria war Memorial in Johnstown, the featured setting for the fictitious Charleston Chiefs’ huge game in ~ the . The team featured in the movie was based on Pennsylvania’s Johnstown jets of the phibìc American Hockey League. Few of the Jets’ existing players were also featured in the actors as the film’s renowned Hanson Brothers. Today, the arena is residence to the junior team the Johnstown Tomahawks — avoid by and catch a game!

5. Fort Pitt Tunnel & bridge - The perks of gift a Wallflower


Fort Pitt Tunnel & leg | The exclusive right of gift a Wallflower​

Pittsburgh is well-known for that tunnels and bridges, but the fort Pitt Tunnel acquired its time in the spotlight in the 2012 flick, “The perks of gift a Wallflower.” Directed and also based off the publication written by Pittsburgh indigenous Steven Chbosky, the film attributes a scene wherein Sam (Emma Watson) rides in the earlier of a pickup truck through her eight spread large through the tunnel top top the ft Pitt Bridge.

6. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and also Mansions on fifth - The error in our Stars


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church | The fault in our Stars

Lovers that the young-adult writer John environment-friendly are acquainted with the display adaptation the his renowned book, “The error in ours Stars,” yet did you understand it to be filmed in and around Pittsburgh? The church whereby Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Gus (Ansel Elgort) meet and later hold Gus’ mock funeral is St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Mt. Lebanon. And, in a small bit that movie magic, the hotel the pair stayed in ~ in Amsterdam actually had the interior shots filmed in ~ the Mansions on 5th in Pittsburgh!

7. PA Dutch landscape - Witness

Lancaster, Philadelphia, Strasburg, Intercourse

PA Dutch countryside | Witness

The 1985 thriller “Witness,” certification Harrison Ford, told the story of one Amish boy who witnessed a murder — difference the grim events with the pastoral PA netherlands countryside. Besides filming scene at 30th Street station in Philadelphia, the movie features countless southcentral PA little towns like Strasburg, Intercourse, and Lancaster. Pan of the movie can acquire an authentic Lancaster suffer on The Amish Farm and House tours.

8. Omni William pen Hotel and also The Kovalchick Convention & Athletic complicated - Southpaw


Omni William pen Hotel | Southpaw

Directed by Pittsburgh aboriginal Antoine Fuqua, “Southpaw” to be filmed at locations about western Pennsylvania. The scene where Billy (Jake Gyllenhaal) gets right into a hit in the lobby and his wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams) to be shot was at the Omni William pen Hotel. The Kovalchick Convention and Athletic complicated at the Indiana university of Pennsylvania was standing in for Madison Square Garden to portray Billy’s visceral matches in the ring.

9. Cooper’s Seafood house - The Office


Cooper’s Seafood house | The Office

We’ve all seen the fight TV show “The Office” and dreamed of working v its iconic personalities like Dwight, Pam, and also Jim. You deserve to relive a small piece of the show’s magic at Cooper’s Seafood home in Scranton! Famously pointed out throughout the series and featured on Michael Scott and Holly native HR’s dinner date, Cooper’s has actually been a Scranton staple for an ext than 70 years.

10. Hersheypark - The Goldbergs


Hersheypark | The Goldbergs

Produced by Philadelphian Adam Goldberg and loosely based upon his real family, ABC’s hit present “The Goldbergs” adheres to a household in the 1980s living in Jenkintown. Growing up, Goldberg went to Hersheypark on a school field trip and decided come replicate his pilgrimage in one episode, together well. In the episode, the TV personality Adam can be checked out wearing an “I made it through the sooper dooper Looper” shirt, which that rode on his school field trip against his mom wishes, together he walks down the Hershey Kiss lamppost-lined cacao Avenue.

11. Evans City Cemetery - Night that The living Dead

Evans City

Evans City Cemetery | Night the the life Dead

If you’re a fan of standard horror, then you’re likely already familiar v Evans City Cemetery, which was made famous in “Night that the living Dead” — the movie that introduced the zombie right into pop culture. Few of the many iconic scenes from the 1968 film were filmed here, including the one at the old chapel and Nicholas Kramer’s tombstone, which Barbara famously clung to after the an initial zombie attack. The surrounding Monroeville Mall to be featured both in this film and much more prominently in George Romero’s next Night that the life Dead series entry: Dawn of the Dead.

12. Raystown Lake - Hoffa


Raystown Lake | Hoffa

Based ~ above Jimmy Hoffa, the well known American job union number that mysteriously disappeared, the movie “Hoffa” had actually scenes filmed top top the soil in and around Raystown Lake. A cabin and dock for a seaplane were constructed especially for filming, and also stars prefer Danny DeVito and also Jack Nicholson spent time hike the region. The movie likewise features Lewisburg federal Penitentiary, where Hoffa invested a couple of years behind bars.

13. Early american Theatre - The Blob


The early american Theatre | The Blob

Beware of the Blob! fans of the B sci-fi film “The Blob” will relish a visit to The colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, the iconic theatre from which panicked patrons made their (much parodied) escape. You’ll have actually the possibility to help recreate that well-known shot during Blobfest, which will certainly celebrate that 21st anniversary in 2020! acquire ready to purchase your tickets prior to they’re gone.

14. Ontario Street Comic publication Shop and also Parc Restaurant - Glass


Ontario Street Comic book Shop | GlassPhoto Credit: Ontario Street Comic publication Shop

Philadelphian M. Night Shyamalan is known for filming his legend plot twisting movies in Pennsylvania. “Split,” Shyamalan’s movie featuring a guy with 23 personalities, has actually a scene exterior the Philadelphia Zoo, as well as 30th Street Station. His 2019 sequel to “Split” and also “Unbreakable,” “Glass,” was filmed at Stephen Starr’s Parc restaurant and at the Ontario Street Comic book Shop.

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