High school Musical came out top top Jan. 20, 2006, and also was a monumentally successful Disney Channel original Movie because that the network. The DCOM had two sequel movies (one together a theatrical release), a concert tour, merchandise, and now, a Disney+ spinoff show an ext than a te later. HSM and Miley Cyrus increased to fame approximately the exact same time — in 2006. To be Miley Cyrus in High institution Musical 2? read on to discover out.

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Miley and also Billy ray Cyrus at the ‘High college Musical 2’ Premiere on respectable 14, 2007 | Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus to be a Disney Channel star during ‘HSM’ phenomenon

Cyrus was presented to the Disney Channel with her duty as Hannah Montana. The first episode aired on in march 24, 2006, and also fans uncovered a new favorite girl command in the character. After audiences had very first fell in love v Lizzie McGuire and That’s for this reason Raven, they now had another multihyphenate to root for.

Cyrus’ rise to Disney fame came a few months after the relax of the very first High school Musical movie in January of that very same year. Yet High school Musical 2 coincided right through Cyrus’ huge rise together the brand-new Disney pop princess in town.

Fans actually voted for that the guest appearance would be

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Back in January 2007, Disney Channel announced the it want fans to sweet in top top decisions for High college Musical 2 v a vote with number of questions. The poll would certainly determine particular elements in the sequel.

“It was our viewers who catapulted High institution Musical to among the greatest entertainment stories of the year for this reason we consider it ours privilege to provide them a possibility to take part in the storytelling, to determine facets of the sequel which will be viewed by numerous kids and also families worldwide,” Disney Channel chairman Gary Marsh claimed at the Television doubters Association the year, per accessibility Online.

Many the the poll questions contained minor elements such together determining props for characters in the movie. However one the the poll questions figured out a guest figure from one more Disney Channel star.

Was Miley Cyrus in ‘High school Musical’?

Cyrus ended up winning the fan poll for that would guest-star in High school Musical 2. She was featured in the critical musical number, All because that One. The movie’s break up song reflects the whole gang dancing about a pool.

The Hannah Montana star dances toward the end of the musical number, attract a yellow tank that she claimed in a behind-the-scenes moment was she favorite. She cameo is quick, but yes, Cyrus is in reality in High institution Musical 2.

Cyrus gave an interview while on set about the procedure of acquiring into the film.

“On DisneyChannel.com, there to be a challenge what Disney Channel star they desire to see on High college Musical 2, for this reason they poll me,” Cyrus said. She likewise showed her wardrobe alternatives for the “beach party scene” in the clip.

A few members that the cast vocalized your excitement around Cyrus joining production for her small cameo.

“Miley’s one of my really great friends, she’s like my younger sister,” Ashley Tisdale, that plays Sharpay Evans in the movies, said. “So ns was really excited to watch her.”

Corbin bleu spoke around how excited he to be to check out Cyrus together well. He actually knew her from the start of Hannah Montana. Bleu guest-starred ~ above the pilot illustration as Johnny Collins before being Chad Danforth in High school Musical.

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“I walk the pilot illustration of Hannah Montana before it was also the vast show the it’s become, we ended up being really good friends as soon as shot the episode,” smoke said.