Middle School: The Worst years of my Life album description:

Aggravated & exaggerated story about strict school with too plenty of rules make children behave choose robots. Lock can’t carry out this & that (which is nicely underlined by MC Hammer’s U Can"t Touch This), lock have an extensive list of prohibitions, which make their time lapsing without funny & nice things young people usually do – riding, chatting, kissing, acquainting, studying, funning & fooling around. Every they have amongst the above-mentioned is simply studying, i m sorry is extra-boring, v a dull principal, that takes her personality & simply throws it far in the garbage tin.That is why a protagonist can"t hold it any longer (Can"t organize Us song fits the minute well) and gathers every active student to help him make a big project – to violate every dominion in the school to lug the disorder in the educational process. However this isn’t bad, together the principal says one of the many frightening words ever before for a boy – ‘The imagination isn’t permitted in ours school.’ Whaaaa? room you insane? You shouldn’t be a principal, especially if you were born through no nipples – you are a psychological & physics freak in that case, who should be disallowed working with kids.The arsenal of tunes below isn’t disappointing, and also uprising the atmosphere the same as the plot of the movie chin – is has such fancy performers favor DNCE, Flo Rida, and also Chumbawamba. With each other they produce a exorbitant tandem that offers the funny all the means along. The latter-mentioned existing here their superior Tubthumping – through the same exaggerated feed of the faded lyrics together the plot of this film right here bulks the peculiarities that one separation, personal, instance school, outlining the ignorance of kids’ needs as the great harm because that the future life the the entire generations. The soundtrack likewise includes ‘Psychotic’ – that is lyrics specify what students may become with such a treatment. Reference: Learn much more about middle School: The Worst years of mine Life ~ above Wikipedia, Movie web page on IMDb, official Website A-Z Lyrics cosmos

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