NEW YORK -- Michael Mays, the embraced son the baseball an excellent Willie Mays, has been arrested on gun and also drug possession charges, police stated Monday.

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Mays, 28, to be arrested Saturday after police comment to a call around an emotionally disturbed person.

Mays was taken to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital wherein it was discovered he was suffering from a flareup of Hodgkins Disease, a type of lymphatic cancer.

Police spokesman Maurice Howard said two pistols, a .45-caliber and also a 9mm, were uncovered in Mays" apartment in Manhattan. Numerous pills and also a tiny amount of marijuana were also found.

Mays was an initial taken come the hospital and also then arraigned. The was later moved come Bellevue Hospital whereby he to be treated and also released.

Willie Mays and also his ex-wife, Margheurite, adopted Michael Mays in 1959 once he was 3 days old.

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