In his poem “Dreams,” Langston Hughes place heart-touching words come address culture and the world. Hughes develops the idea the life is tough when you don’t have actually dreams. He establishes this theme by making use of repetition and also metaphors.

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First, Hughes uses repetition. For example, Hughes restates the line, “Hold rapid to dreams” twice. He is trying come emphasize the you should really hold on to your dreams and also chase them. You have to do this no issue what because otherwise your dreams may slip away. Another means Hughes uses repetition is v his line structure. The first 3 stanzas in every verse start with the exact same 3 words: Hold, For, and Life.

To explain a human being without dreams, Langston Hughes offers two metaphors. The first metaphor is: “Life is a broken-winged bird the cannot fly.” here Hughes to compare a frustrating life without desires to a “broken-winged bird.” when Hughes provides this comparison, I snapshot a bird’s broken wing that can’t fly yet tries his or her hardest. It renders me think life may be hard, however you can still try to make it better. This reminds me of my dad. In 2018, he had actually a seizure and passed the end on the floor. Mine uncle found him and took him come the hospital. Ever since then, he’s to be sick, yet he gets far better every day. My dad’s case has prove to me the you deserve to bounce back. No issue what he is going v he tho keeps fighting.

The second an allegory Hughes provides is: “Life is a barren ar Frozen with snow.” This picture makes united state see how tough it would certainly be to get earlier on her feet after shedding something together dearly necessary as her dreams. This reminds me of my cousin. She loved the home she elevated her kids in. One time she checks come in but they weren’t sufficient to pay she rent that month. Then the very same thing taken place the following month, therefore she acquired evicted. She felt hurt and cried. She to be devastated and forced to remain in a homeless shelter. She went around looking because that a new home, however the residences she looked at were too expensive or no available. She went back to the shelter, emotion stuck. Because she remembered her dreams, she never gave up. She establish she had actually to push herself harder, and eventually she found one more house and also got on her feet. Both images let us see how Hughes thinks around how life is so hard without dreams.

By making use of repetition and metaphors, Hughes permits the leader to acquire pulled in to get thinking about the prominence of dreams. You have to be diligent to acquire what girlfriend want and you need to prove yourself. Then possibly “the barren field filled v snow” won’t be so hard after all.

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Read Langston Hughes"s "Dreams" here.

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