The GS had cloth seats with power adjustments because that the driver only. The LS model had actually a fully leather-trimmed interior, and both the driver and front passenger seats were power-adjusted.

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The GS had actually steel wheels v faux chrome wheel covers. The LS had actually alloy wheels.

LS Additions

The LS model had fog lights, automatically climate control, one armrest in the behind seat, a rearview winter that dimmed automatically, heated next mirrors and also Homelink, which allows owners to regime the car to operate devices such as garage door openers.

LS Options

Options the were available on the LS but not the GS consisted of a moon roof, heated seats and also a six-CD changer. The LS Palm coast Edition contained luxury accents such together chrome trim and embroidered seats.

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End of the GS

The GS trim level to be dropped because that the 2009 version year, leaving the LS as the only obtainable Grand Marquis.


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