Mahalo ke Akua literally means “thanks be to God.” If you’re like me, periodically I look back at mine life and marvel at the reality I also survived. Exactly how did I obtain out of several of my circumstances alive and also (somewhat) stable? then it makes me think of all the world who helped along the way, every one of the options I made… and I see just how God always had a plan, and when i take the moment to be grateful, I watch all the did.

Choosing mahalo (gratitude) can readjust our lives.

God never leaves us

God constantly had a means for me to succeed. Whenever i made choices, ns felt alone. But I reminded myself of the soft mercies he gave to me on a day-to-day basis and also I knew ns was no alone.

I came to be stronger, more empathetic, more compassionate, and an ext patient v my trials. I additionally had moments of joy and peace. God compensated me with people who elevated my spirits and reached the end in real friendship. Mahalo ke Akua, I’d constantly think come myself.

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These words stuck, not because they’re simple to say, but due to the fact that of the an interpretation behind them. As soon as we take the time to express thanks, our perspective changes. It becomes much easier to see the great in all things.

In high school, I performed a song for mine graduating class, called “Thanks it is in to God.” It to be a basic Protestant song, but the definition sank deep in mine heart, specifically these words, “Thanks it is in to God for love divine, the wishes that ‘round my love entwine, for all the joy that currently is mine, many thanks be to God.”

Mahalo ke Akua because that the pleasure that I acquire to experience in this life. Hawaiians have actually profound gratitude come God because that his creations, his mercy, his kindness. Native of thanks and also praise never run out:

Mahalo ke Akua because that the s to carry out comfort, because that the food us have, because that the rain the nourishes the earth, because that the sun to shine benevolently, because that our families, because that the good people in ours lives, for the challenges we face, and also for the blessing we room so generously given…

Mahalo ke Akua for life

These words have actually helped me immensely through any kind of of my trials. Together I express gratitude for all that ns have, even my challenges, my mind is enlightened, ns am content, and I have more peace.

This year and also always, remember these an easy words. Mahalo ke Akua. Be thankful for your life, because that the human being in her life, for your home, for your health, because that the innovations on this earth.

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I want to include the words to the song, “Thanks it is in to God.” even if it is you are alone or with family members or girlfriend this Thanksgiving, ns hope these words provide you encouragement and peace. Mahalo ke Akua.

Thanks it is in to God for roses rare,

For skies of blue and sunshine fair;

For ev’ry gift ns raise a prayer,

Thanks be to God!

Thanks it is in to God because that lovely night,

For mystic fields with stars bedight,

For hours of dream and also deep delight,

Thanks be to God!

Thanks it is in to God for love divine,

The wishes that ‘round my love entwine;

For all the pleasure that currently is mine,

Thanks it is in to God!

Thanks it is in to God for all the happiness that now is mine,

Thanks be to God!

If you’d choose to learn an ext about the Hawaiian value of Mahalo, examine this out:

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