Mips the rabbit and his strength Stars can be a source of disappointed in at sight Mario 64, so here are part tips on how to capture him.

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Super Mario 64 players are most likely to come throughout a slippery rabbit named Mips throughout their journey, and also Mips holds 2 of the castle"s 120 strength Stars. Though he may be difficult to catch, he absolutely isn"t impossible to nab if Mario is fast enough.

when players have collected 10 of Super Mario 64"s power Stars indigenous the 4 levels accessible on the an initial floor of Peach"s Castle, they are able to fight Bowser for the first time in his Dark people arena. Mario is gifted a an essential upon success, which can open the basement and let players navigate through four more levels including Lethal Lava Land and also Shifting Sand Land.

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after collecting fifteen strength Stars, Mips will be uncovered lounging near the flaming picture that serves as the entrance to Lethal Lava Land. Mips will quickly scurry far from Mario, therefore players must be rapid to capture the rabbit if they wish to get the star he"s holding, however there space a few tips that deserve to make this endeavor much easier.

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If players have a keen eye, lock might notification Mips only runs come a couple of set locations, and two the those are dead ends in the basement. One dead end is near the metal wall that hides the entrance to moving Sand Land, and the other is under a hallway near a Toad nestled under flaming torches. Both dead ends deserve to be equally helpful to capture the rabbit.

when Mario has actually Mips cornered, there are two options at his disposal. The first, and also least risky an option is to slowly walk in the direction of Mips through lightly pressing forward top top the control stick as he is nearing the dead end. This will reason Mario come tread lightly (a cheat which players might remember native avoiding the sleeping Piranha plants while navigating Whomp"s Fortress), and Mips may run directly into Mario, permitting him to conveniently grab the rabbit through a punch attack. The second option is risky, however arguably much more rewarding. Mario can chase Mips come the corner and dive in ~ him, despite players must be swift and specific to prevent letting Mips slipping away.

catching Mips will certainly reward Mario with an additional Power Star to include to his collection. Mips additionally appears a second time after Mario has collected 50 power Stars within Peach"s Castle, however using the exact same strategy together the very first encounter need to have comparable results.

Super Mario 64 is obtainable now via Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Nintendo Switch.