It’s plausible, in a people where we consider Jingle all The method vintage, you’ve never ever stumbled upon the initial March the the wood Soldiers. Initially under the moniker the Babes In Toyland, in march of the wood Soldiers is one of the very first Christmas-esque films , and while that a standard in some rights, it’s likewise antiquated come the point of hilarity. In march of the wood Soldiers is so completely bizarre in a contemporary lens. Therefore obviously, the is my seasonal responsibility to carry out you through proof of this.

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To fill you in top top the plot, Toyland is usually a Nursery Rhyme city where tiny Bo Peep stays with her mommy (The Old Lady in the Shoe) and has draft on Tom-Tom Piper (I assumption: v the Pied Piper). Yet an angry landlord called Barnaby has actually designs on Bo Peep, and also tries come marry her once her mommy can’t salary the mortgage. Anyway, Laurel and also Hardy are an alleged to step in and be the large heroes that this film, however mostly they carry out light comedy and also a bunch the overgrown toy soldiers save the job instead.

So for your enjoyment, right here is a chronological catalog of every the weirdness in march of the wood Soldiers. And don"t worry, it"s colorized for your enjoyment!

1. These world Live In A large Story Book, Apparently



... In the exact same bed. And there is nothing wrong with that (aside from the assumption that they"re paying a hefty rent on their room).

3. Every The Nursery Rhyme people Are Doing your Nursery luck Thing


Which, ns mean, it makes sense for mary to see how her garden grows, yet how can tiny Jack Horner spend his whole life pulling plums indigenous pies?

4. The Three tiny Pigs Are consisted of Of Overalls and Nightmare Fuel


So like, great luck sleeping tonight.

5. "Oh, You kids Will it is in The fatality Of Me." "Ah, Mother, perform You Really typical That?"


Bo Peep appears a tiny too eager to inherit the shoe.

6. Barnaby provides Bo Peep This "Fragrant Token Of mine Deep Devotion" and also She tho Won"t expropriate His Proposal

Which is ridiculous, since who wouldn"t desire to marry this scary Pilgrim warlock?

7. Vanabi Then threatens To take it The Shoe ago If he Can"t marry Bo Peep.

I"m no 100 percent education on the inner workings of real estate, but this does"t it seems to be ~ kosher.

8. The Old Lady Trusts that Stannie and also Ollie will Bail her Out

Which sounds reasonable, since they"re two grown guys who space renting a bed in a shoe. Clear they"ve make a the majority of sound jae won decisions therefore far.

9. "Good Morning, Master!"

"Master"? Is this walk to finish in some Fifty Shades that Grey territory? ns don"t understand if I"m psychologically prepared.

10. A moment Of Judgement for these Hairstyles

Also, walk anyone as well as Stannie and Ollie have an actual project in this town?

12. Tom-Tom, The Virile good Guy Competition come Barnaby, usually Hits on Bo Peep within The span Of 3 Minutes

So like, pretty much the very same as Barnaby.

13. He climate Shackles Her once She claims She"s not Interested

What is continue here?!

14. "My dear Friends and also Citizens of Toyland. I want You every To Meet... The Future Mrs. Piper!"

Wait, so they"re engaged now? to be this their very first conversation? exactly how is this much less crazy 보다 accepting Barnaby"s proposal? OK, I"ll admit that Barnaby has actually a solid Gargamel vibe, I"m just saying in regards to an engagement timeline, it provides no sense.

15. Man, Santa"s really Letting self Go

I was kidding around the Fifty Shades the Grey thing, yet here we are...

17. Incidentally, They can Probably leaving At any type of Time

Their arms space unbound, the guards are letting them have actually a full length conversation, is that food?

18. Barnaby"s face When He gets Married to Stannie

There is a worrying lack of defense in Toyland.

21. Tom-Tom"s big Problem resolving Strategy Is to Tell Bo Peep come Sleep

Who do no effort to actually catch Bo Peep, however they carry out jump about enthusiastically.

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23. Mickey computer mouse In Pajamas?

Ollie acts disgusted, but there"s no masking this good romance.

25. Truly part Masterful Special results Here

So strange. Anyway, if you"ve exhausted all of your various other Christmas mainstays this year, be certain to examine this gem out. It"s precious it for the Horror-Pigs alone. So festive!