Maine Anjou cattle are the big breed cattle which were very first found in the West France. These cattle are named after the region these were very first found. Their name is acquired from the two river valleys in west France. The French surname of this each other is Maine-Anjou and also Rouge des Pres. This is the mix breed of Mancelle cattle and Durham cattle. This is a multi-purpose breed mostly used for meat and also milk production. Maine Anjou livestock breed was first created in 1908. This breed has well muscular body and is well-known as easy fattening cattle. This breed to be imported to Canada in 1969.

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Maine Anjou cattle Pros

Maine Anjou cattle breed have actually multiple benefits consisting of milk and meat production. This is a huge sized each other which is really great at breeding and also calving. These livestock produce calves on a huge scale which increase their population. This is really helpful in maintaining livestock stock native business suggest of view. These livestock are very an excellent mothers. The calves get protected by these cattle very well. Maine Anjou cattle have no typical problems and their milk is wealthy in minerals and vitamins. The top quality of their milk is high and very healthy because that kids.

Maine Anjou livestock Cons

Maine Anjou cattle have muscular body. These cattle can acquire weight readily and also become end weight. These livestock are very famous about easy fattening property. This is the drawback of this breed. Because of extra fats and also muscles on your body, the calving procedure becomes difficult. These cattle can also survive without a grazing field which is a add to point. These livestock are wild by nature, it is why civilization have to remain away indigenous them. The is preferred to visit lock in the existence of your invigilator. Vital precautions need to be taken if visiting.

Maine Anjou livestock Facts

Maine Anjou livestock breed is a huge sized breed. The available colors that this breed room red and white. Rarely colors accessible are black and roan color. White colored patches deserve to be checked out on head, tail and also under next of body. These livestock can be horned or polled. The load of Maine Anjou cattle vary amongst bull and also cow. Bulls space usually heavy than cows. The mean weight that Maine Anjou bull is 998 kg to 1406 kg vice versa, the average weight the Maine Anjou cow is 680 kg come 862 kg.

Maine Anjou livestock Origin

Maine Anjou livestock breed is a big sized breed and is used for multiple purposes. These cattle are well known for the manufacturing of meat due to the fact that of their large size. These room originated from the region in west France. There is a 2 river sink in west France, whereby these were an initial found and then called after this place. These cattle are more bred with plenty of other breeds. In 1908, Maine Anjou livestock were an initial found in France and also then in 1969, these cattle were exported to different countries for business. Their benefits can help to operation a smooth financially rewarding business.

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Maine Anjou livestock Price

As Maine Anjou cattle breed are multi-purpose breed and have a lot of benefits, so the price of these livestock are additionally high. These livestock are likewise exported come other nations for the business. The prices vary according come the dimension of cattle, weight of cattle and also location. Average price that these livestock is 2500 dollars.