Whenever ns close the fridge door,the freezer door listed below pops open. Sometimes it close the door by itself but equally it regularly stays open enabling the freezer come defrost.I wondered if I could use magnets in which method to keep the freezer door closed.Any ideas?


The gasket on the freezer door actually has actually magnets in it.Sounds choose your gasket isn"t making great contact v the door -- either change the gasket or clean it, or make certain that the hinges room perfectly aligned.

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I have actually the precise same concern in mine apartment. (my gf constantly does this, and also I"m the just one noticing it!). I always thought this was the an outcome of poor levelling. Have you do the efforts tilting the fridge ago a bit?


It would certainly be helpful to understand what sort of refrigerator/freezer you room speaking about. If it is a 2 chamber advertisement unit, so called walk-in the cause could be air push from close up door the door forcefully happen through any kind of opening in between the 2 areas and also pushing the other door open. Additionally requires a magnetic kind gasket vs a rubber gasket with a hopeful close latch which would not open if latched properly. If it is a residential unit then possibly the fridge is no level and also closing the door hard is sufficient to rest the magnetic seal. There space leveling foot under the prior corners which space adjustable.


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