“I to be looking forward to see you” is correct. In this case “to” is a preposition, and also you always need to use the ing form(gerund) after ~ a preposition. “I am looking forward to watch you” is incorrect.

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“To look front to” is a paragraph verb 

To look forward to other is a multi-word phrasal verb.A paragraph verb consists of a verb and also a preposition and also in this case, two prepositions(forward and also to)I to be looking forward to safety the summer by the beach.To look front to is a leg verb which means that it requirements an object( a noun or a verb). Other instances of transitive verb are like and enjoy. You can’t say “I like” without an object.I favor tennis. I enjoy swimming in the sea.

Gerund after a preposition

There is a dominion in English that says that if you usage a verb after a preposition, then the verb requirements to it is in in the ing form(gerund).Thank you because that buying me breakfast.He always dreamed of walk west. After see the doctor, ns went home.“look forward to” is a unit volume verb, so to is a preposition in this case. Try to remember the “look front to” is always together and a set phrase.More unit volume verb examples(Notice the ing type after the unit volume verb)He began out clean the toilets.John finished up renting an apartment alongside me.That criminal will certainly pay for being therefore bad.

Different uses of “to”

The confusion between the difference between “I’m looking front to see you” and “I to be looking front to seeing you” is since of the word “to”After numerous verbs, that is necessary to use the infinitive(to + verb) or the gerund form(ing) of the verb for the 2nd verb.As explained above “to look front to” is always together. It can’t be separated.Examples of infinitivesI desire to walk to the supermarketI do the efforts to open the bottle.Examples the gerundsHe likes swim in the sea.He enjoys dancing through himself.“To look front to” is an example of a verb that takes a gerund.I to be looking forward to dancing every night long.I am looking front to acquisition off my shoes.I to be looking forward to play my etc later.

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I to be looking front to conference your family. 

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