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Summary :The ln calculator allows to calculate virtual the organic logarithm of a number.

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ln online

summary :Napierian logarithm role The napierian logarithm function is defined for any type of number belonging come the interval >0,`+oo`<, it note ln. The napierian logarithm is additionally called natural logarithm. The logarithm calculator allows calculation that this form of logarithm online.

Calculation the the napierian logarithm

for the calculate of napierian logarithm of a number, just go into the number and apply the function ln. Thus, because that calculating napierian logarithm that the number 1, you must enter ln(`1`) or straight 1, if the button ln currently appears, the an outcome 0 is returned.

Derivative the napierian logarithm

The derivative that the napierian logarithm is equal to `1/x`.

Calculate chain dominance of derivatives with napierian logarithm

If u is a differentiable function, the chain dominion of derivatives through the napierian logarithm function and also the function u is calculated using the complying with formula : (ln(u(x))"=`(u"(x))/(u(x))`, the derivative calculator deserve to perform this form of calculation together this instance shows calculating the derivative that ln(4x+3).

Antiderivative of napierian logarithm

The antiderivative the the napierian logarithm is equal to `x*ln(x)-x`.

Limits the napierian logarithm

The limits of the napierian logarithm exist in ~ `0` and `+oo`: The napierian logarithm role has a border in `0` which is `-oo`. `lim_(x->0)ln(x)=-oo` The napierian logarithm duty has a limit in `+oo` i beg your pardon is `+oo`. `lim_(x->+oo)ln(x)=+oo`

Propriété du logarithme népérien

The natural logarithm of the product the two positive numbers is equal to the amount of the organic logarithm of these two numbers. We have the right to thus deduce the adhering to properties:

`ln(a*b)=ln(a)+ln(b)` `ln(a/b)=ln(a)-ln(b)` `ln(a^m)=m*ln(a)`

The calculator renders it feasible to usage these nature to calculation logarithmic expansions.

The ln calculator allows to calculate online the organic logarithm of a number.

Syntax :ln(x), x is a number.

Examples :ln(`1`), returns 0

Derivative napierian logarithm :

To differentiate duty napierian logarithm online, that is possible to use the derivative calculator which enables the calculate of the derivative the the napierian logarithm function

The derivative the ln(x) is derivative_calculator(`ln(x)`)=`1/(x)`

Antiderivative napierian logarithm :

Antiderivative calculator permits to calculation an antiderivative the napierian logarithm function.

An antiderivative that ln(x) is antiderivative_calculator(`ln(x)`)=`x*ln(x)-x`

border napierian logarithm :

The limit calculator permits the calculation of limits of the napierian logarithm function.

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The limit of ln(x) is limit_calculator(`ln(x)`)

Inverse duty napierian logarithm :

The inverse role of napierian logarithm is the exponential function provided exp.

graphic napierian logarithm :

The graphing calculator is able come plot napierian logarithm role in its an interpretation interval.

calculation online with ln (napierian logarithm)

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