Themes space the basic and frequently universal ideasexplored in a literature work.

The importance of Moral self-reliance

An emphasis on thinking independently about moral decisionspervades Bless Me, Ultima. Antonio’s progression towardmoral self-reliance is the key marker of his maturity and advancement throughoutthe novel. Antonio’s struggle to reconcile the complexities the hisexperience through his religious beliefs leads him to conclude that he mustmake his own decisions. The becomes increasingly frustrated through thefailure the the church to define the most pressing concerns aboutmorality and also human experience.

Ultima acts as Antonio’s guide as he learns the importanceof ethical independence. Ultima teaches him the the most an overwhelming questionsabout life can never it is in answered completely by a solitary religion orcultural tradition. Antonio has actually questions around evil, forgiveness,truth, and the soul, inquiries he deserve to answer just for himself. Antonioonce believed that the Communion ritual would answer all his questions,but Ultima teaches him that he need to think for himself and arriveat his very own conclusions.

The influence of society on identity

Bless Me, Ultima explores the difficultyof reconciling conflicting cultural traditions. In the end, Anayasuggests the a person can draw from several cultural traditionsto create a more complex and adaptable identity. Antonio is therefore eagerto uncover a single, definitive answer come the inquiries that haunthim because he has actually been influenced by many conflicting cultures.The very first major dispute involves his parents. His Luna mother wishesfor the to become a priest, when his vaquero dad wishes forhim come ride the llano. Every parent has deeply rooted social convictions.Next is the conflict within his town between its Spanish and also indigenouscultures. Us see proof of this dispute in the pronounced tensionbetween Ultima’s mystical folklore and also the Catholic church. Anotherconflict takes location at Antonio’s school in between Spanish and also Englishspeakers.

Anaya supplies these conflicts to explore the influence ofculture top top identity. Many characters in the publication are limited bytheir cultural prejudices and never discover to look beyond their ownassumptions. Because that example, the townspeople blame to Narciso because that beinga drunk and also refuse to recognize that his traumatic experiencein the war might play a part in his psychological state. Ultimateaches Antonio to stop the limitations natural in abiding byone culture, one religion, or one creed. Instead, Ultima encouragesAntonio to take on all the the cultural influences in his life tobecome a much better person.

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