The 21-year-old actress posted a hilarious date of birth tribute come her previous Kickin’ It co-star top top Instagram this weekend.

“It’s officially to be a decade because I’ve recognized this buttface,” Olivia wrote along with a cute clip and photo of her and also Leo. “And we’ve currently lived the many insane trip together. Complete of ship laughs, adventures, good times, sh*tty times, name calling (buttface is still just an prompt fave), and also so much more. Here’s to among the many special friendships I’ve ever before known. Happy 22 friend treasure.”

Leo rotate 22 on Saturday (July 13).

The pair have been friends since 2011, as soon as they walk to job-related on your Disney XD hit, Kickin’ It!

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it’s officially been a decade since i’ve well-known this buttface. And also we’ve already lived the most insane journey together. Complete of ship laughs, adventures, an excellent times, shitty times, name calling (buttface is still simply an instant fave), and so much more. This is to among the most special friendships i’ve ever known. Happy 22 friend treasure.

A write-up shared by olivia holt (
olivia_holt) ~ above Jul 13, 2019 at 5:07pm PDT

Read Olivia Holt’s philosophy on maintaining long-distance friendships here!

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