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The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (2008) Cheats for Xbox 360

success Complete each accomplishment to acquire the allotted gamerscore.

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accomplishment Achievement carry out 100 opponent Air grabs complete all Armor to adjust death 1000 enemies beginning 20 Fury attacks carry the Artilleryman earlier to his catapult in less than 5 minutes finish the game with at the very least 90% of the moment in 2 Players setting finish the melted Lands carry out a 300 struggle Combo wire finish the City of Warfang do a 70 struggle Combo string carry out a 125 fight Combo cable finish the video game a 100% death 70 Shadows finish Malefor"s Lair kill Malefor without dying as soon as uncover all health Upgrades discover all XP Crystals uncover all elemental Upgrades kill all Elite adversaries upgrade one aspect to Max Level complete the Twilight drops update all your facets to Max Level complete the Catacombs death 625 enemies complete the Dragon Dam complete the sink of Avalar death the Golem there is no dying when do 100 foe Grabs death 450 Grublins death 225 Grublins throw 200 opponents into the air finish Dragon City Golem near Warfang gate without dying as soon as eliminate 75 adversaries with one Electric strike eliminate 75 enemies with a Fear assault remove 75 opponents with a Fire assault get rid of 75 adversaries with one Ice strike eliminate 75 adversaries with a Poison strike eliminate 75 enemies with a Wind attack finish one Armor collection death 200 Orcs death 100 Orcs finish the Floating archipelago safeguard all the Cheetah"s homes in the town finish the Destroyer kill 10 Trolls dodge all Golem attacks in room of Retribution finish the Underground ruins Unlocked every Bonus galleries death 45 Wyverns
Air Grappler (5)
Armory (15)
Army Slayer (20)
Berserker (5)
Bodyguard (5)
Buddy device (50)
Burned Lands crossed (40)
Button Smasher (10)
Close Warfang door (30)
Combo an equipment (5)
Combo master (5)
Complete the video game (130)
Dark article (10)
Destroy Malefor (30)
Dragon Assassin (40)
Dragon love (25)
Dragon mind (25)
Dragon heart (25)
Elite Destroyer (15)
Elitist (15)
Enchanted forest (10)
Entrepreneur (50)
Escaped the Catacombs (20)
Executioner (10)
Flood the valley (30)
Freed Hunter (30)
Golem Wrecker (30)
Grappler (5)
Grublin Bane (20)
Grublin Slayer (15)
Juggler (10)
Killed the Golem (40)
Last Rampart (5)
Master of power (5)
Master of are afraid (5)
Master of Fire (5)
Master of ice cream (5)
Master of toxicity (5)
Master the Wind (5)
One large Step (15)
Orc Demolisher (20)
Orc Slayer (15)
Reached Malefor"s Lair (20)
Savior (5)
Stop the Destroyer (30)
Troll Slayer (10)
Unattainable (10)
Underground City Doors (20)
Unlocked Bonus (40)
Wyvern Slayer (5)

Contributed by: Guard master

Cheat password

Wanna do simply a small cheating, or maybe even a lot of cheating? then these codes space for you! You will hear a quiet buzz noise as soon as you get the password correct.

result Effect from the pause Menu; hold Right Bumper and also then through the left stick press UP, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, up indigenous the stop Menu; hold Left Bumper and then with the left stick press RIGHT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT native the pause Menu; host Right Bumper and then through the left stick press UP, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, down indigenous the pause menu; Press and hold the Left Bumper and also then v the left stick push LEFT, UP, DOWN, UP, right
Maximum XP
Unlimited Life
Unlimited Mana
Unlock all Elemental Upgrades

Contributed by: terry5031

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52 106K
Walkthrough through number1spyrofan 100K
Achievement guide by Gamer364 34K
Game manuscript by Rexy 116K

The Legend that Spyro: Dawn that the Dragon (2008) Cheats for PlayStation 3

Legend of Spyro Dawn that The Dragon cheats for ps3

Pause the game. Press the direction on the left joystick.

effect Effect hold L1 and also press left, up, down, up, appropriate organize R1 and also press left, right, right, up, increase host L1 and press right, right, down, down, left host R1 and also press up, right, up, left, under
All elemental Upgrades
Max XP
Unlimited Life
Unlimited mana

Contributed by: nihonjin_ningyo

Walkthroughs & FAQs

kind Name record Size general FAQs basic FAQs detailed FAQs
FAQ/Walkthrough through dark52 106K
Walkthrough through number1spyrofan 100K
Game script by Rexy 116K

The Legend the Spyro: Dawn the the Dragon (2008) Cheats for Wii

"Infinite" cheats

Pause the game, host Z, and move the Nunchuk regulate stick in the complying with directions. If gotten in correctly, you will hear a distinct sound. Note that you have to re-enter every codes top top entering new levels.

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result Effect Left, up, down, up, ideal Right, right, down, down, left Up, right, up, left, under Up, left, left, down, increase
All element Upgrades
Infinite Health
Infinite Mana
Max XP

Contributed by: AJL16

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FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52 106K
FAQ/Walkthrough by AJL16 113K
Walkthrough by number1spyrofan 100K
Walkthrough through chissssss 38K
Game manuscript by Rexy 116K

The Legend the Spyro: Dawn that the Dragon (2008) Cheats for PlayStation 2


Enter these codes in pause menu using left analog stick.

effect Effect hold L1 + Left, Up, Down, Up, right organize L1 + Right, Right, Down, Down, Left host R1 + Up, Right, Up, Left, under organize R1 + Up, Left, Left, Down, increase
All Upgrade slot Unlocked
Infinite Health
Infinite Mana/Breath
Max Experience

Contributed by: Dark_Master_4

Walkthroughs & FAQs

type Name record Size general FAQs basic FAQs in-depth FAQs
FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52 106K
Walkthrough by number1spyrofan 100K
Game manuscript by Rexy 116K