Are girlfriend excited about getting your very first tattoo, but not sure what period you can obtain one? A tattoo is because that life, for this reason it isn’t something you need to rush right into or acquire done illegally, particularly as a minor.

We obtain this inquiry A LOT.

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We’ll go over all the rules and also legislation set in location that manage the minimum age requirement of getting tattooed. 

So, how old carry out you have to be to acquire a tattoo? For all claims in the U.S. The minimum age is 18. The legal period in the joined Kingdom, Canada, and Australia space all 18 years old together well. In some cases, friend might be able to get one younger than 18 through parental consent, however it relies on the state. 

If you desire to know the legislation around legal age for obtaining tattooed in her state, follow this guide: 

What is the Youngest age You Can acquire a Tattoo?

Legally, the youngest friend can obtain a tattoo in the U.S. Is 18. At this age you will not have to get your parent’s permission, sign extr consent forms, obtain your period verified, or worry about breaking any state laws.

Every state has their own regulations restricting human body art and also body alteration on minors, and also many times there are added local laws. 

Technically speaking, over there is no limit on exactly how young a person deserve to be to acquire a tattoo.

Thirty-eight states have laws that allow tattooing top top minors with informed parental consent, or because that the parent to it is in present. This walk not average a baby deserve to just to crawl in and also get a tattoo, however.

Most tattoo artists will certainly not tattoo anyone under the age of 15 or 16 for safety and liability purposes.  

So why does the government treatment what period a human gets tattooed at?

Reasons Behind Tattoo age Restrictions

Age restrictions and also tattoo regulation are collection in ar for two main reasons:

– OLD institution MENTALITY

Legislators are usually indigenous older generations and an ext conservative, and often look down on tattoos. As a result, they usage their political influence to do tattoos challenging to get, or illegal altogether, and also make that harder because that shops to operate in compliance.

Oklahoma didn’t legalize tattooing till 2006, and was the last state to execute so.


The 2nd reason for period restrictions is the tattooing is a clinical procedure, as such minimum standards have to be met.

There are certain risks associated with tattooing, especially on minors.

Viruses, infections, and also bacteria deserve to be conveniently spread if a shop’s devices is not correctly sterilized and does not meet minimum standards. 

List the States and their regulations of Tattooing Minors

Nationally, the minimum age requirement in the United claims is 18.

That means anyone that is 18 or older can be tattooed there is no parental consent. 

Getting tattooed together a minor, however, relies on the state she in. Everyone under the period of 18 is taken into consideration a minor.

Before you begin planning her tattoo, familiarize yourself with the regulations of the state you plan on obtaining tattooed in.

Alabama Minors require parental consent because that a tattoo 
Alaska Tattoos room prohibited top top minors 
Arizona Parent should be existing for tattooing minors 
Arkansas A parent’s signature is required for tattooing minors 
California Tattoos are prohibited ~ above minors; tattooing minors is a misdemeanor 
Colorado Minors require parental consent for a tattoo 
Connecticut Minors require parental consent and also a medical professional or RN should be present during tattooing 
D.C. Tattoos room prohibited on minors 
Delaware Minors require parental consent because that a tattoo 
Florida Minors need parental consent because that a tattoo 
Georgia Minors can only be tattooed through a licensed doctor or under your supervision 
Hawaii Minors need parental consent; consent develops are maintained for 2 years confidentially. 
Idaho Minors 14-18 have the right to be tattooed, but it needs consent in the visibility of the tattoo artist 
Illinois Minors need parental consent; minors deserve to only it is in tattooed through a physician 
Indiana Minors need guardian present and also written consent to be tattooed 
Iowa Minors space prohibited from gift tattooed unless they room married 
Kansas Minors need written parental consent 
Kentucky Minors require parental consent 
Louisiana Minors require parental consent 
Maine Tattooing a young is illegal 
Maryland Limited laws 
Massachusetts Minors have the right to only it is in tattooed by a license is granted physician 
Michigan Minors need parental consent 
Minnesota Minors need parental consent 
Mississippi Tattoos room prohibited on minors 
Missouri Minors need parental consent, and parents have to be present 
Montana Minors require parental consent 
Nebraska Minors require written parental consent 
Nevada Tattooing isn’t regulated by the state other than in Clark county (Las Vegas) 
New Hampshire Minors require a parent present and also written consent  
New Jersey Minors need parental consent 
New Mexico Licensing requirements need to be met 
New York Tattooing minors is prohibited, punishable v a class B misdemeanor 
North Carolina Tattooing minors is prohibited 
North Dakota Parental consent and presence forced to tattoo a minor 
Ohio Parental consent and also presence forced to tattoo a minor 
Oklahoma Licensure is compelled by the State department of Public health and wellness for tattoo artists 
Oregon Licensing is required 
Pennsylvania Parental consent and presence forced to tattoo a minor 
Rhode Island Sterilization and also sanitation requirements need to be met 
South Carolina Tattoos room prohibited for those under 21. Parental consent required if over 18. 
South Dakota Signed parental consent to tattoo a minor 
Tennessee Minors 16 and also up deserve to be tattooed with written parental consent 
Texas Tattooing minors is prohibited unless to cover an existing poisonous or attack tattoo. Parental consent is required 
Utah Tattoos ~ above minors call for written parental consent 
Vermont Parental consent forced to tattoo a minor 
Virginia Tattooing a minor needs consent unless done by a physician 
Washington Tattooing a minor is illegal and also prohibited 
West Virginia Minors require written consent 
Wisconsin Only physicians can tattoo minors 
Wyoming Minors require parental consent and to be current at the time of tattooing. Period must be showed with ID. 

Getting a tattoo at 13 years old is no common, nor is the easy.

Many states call for that a minor it is in tattooed through a licensed physician, or at the very least in the visibility of one.

A 13 year old can obtain a tattoo legitimate in 22 says (listed above) v written parental consent. In enhancement to signing a consent form, their parent or guardian must also be present while they room being tattooed.

This is because that the safety of the minor and the tattoo artist. 

However, just due to the fact that a state regulation permits it, doesn’t mean a tattoo artist will certainly agree to tattooing a 13 year old.

Most tattoo artist will turn away anyone under the age of 15, nevertheless of consent.

In many states the is a crime to tattoo a minor, even with parental consent.

Tattooing is permanent, and many believe minors room not old sufficient to make properly educated decisions.



As a country, Canada go not have actually a nation-wide minimum period for getting tattooed. Instead, castle left the decision up to the individual provinces.

These are some of the tattooing legislations in Canada’s largest provinces: 

– Ontario:

Under 18 needs written parental consent.

– Quebec:

No province-wide minimum, however, most shops have a minimum of 17-18 years of age.

– Nova Scotia:

While there room strict safety and also sanitation criter for tattooing, Nova Scotia walk not have actually a minimum age. Instead, the tattoo shops set the minimum.

– Alberta:

There is a reminder recommending a minimum age of 18, however no law.

– british Columbia:

Ministry of health and wellness recommends tattoo shops attain parental consent for those under the period of 19, however this is not a law.

– Saskatchewan:

No period minimum, but it is recommended shops no tattoo anyone under 18. 

Keep in mental shops have the right to enforce an er minimum of their own, also if there is no an official regulation for it.

There may additionally be city ordinances set in ar that require period minimum, in enhancement to the province.  


In many of Australia and also Tasmania, you should be 18 or older to gain a tattoo.

Many time shops will certainly ask because that an ID and verify your age if you look younger 보다 18. That is illegal to tattoo a minor, also if they have actually parental consent. However, in Western Australia, it is legitimate to get a tattoo if you space 16 or older v written parental consent.

Nowhere in Australia have the right to a boy under the period of 16 it is in tattooed, even with a guardian’s consent. 

United Kingdom


The UK prohibits everyone under the age of 18 to be tattooed, or to have a tattoo.

Anyone who tattoos a minor have the right to be prosecuted and fined. As a result, countless tattoo shops require age verification because that anyone that looks younger 보다 18. This also means tattooing a boy at home is legally punishable. 

The UK is among the just E.U. Nations that prohibit anyone under 18 to acquire tattooed, regardless of parental consent.

Other Countries

Austria, Germany, and Denmark also have an er minimum that 18, however with part exceptions.Countries favor Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Hungary have actually no age restrictionsSpain allows minors as young as 14 to be tattooed with parent consent.France has an age minimum the 16.

Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor, and also tattooing minors is strictly regulated.

There are at least 24 claims that allow a 14 year old to be tattooed legally.

In all instances it needs parental consent, the parent or guardian come be existing during the tattooing, and in some instances a physician to either execute the tattoo or be present. 

One exception is if a 14 year old is married in the state that Iowa, they room legally allowed to acquire a tattoo there is no parental consent.

This, the course, method they must have consent to get married in the very first place.  

Getting a tattoo together a minor is not advised, due to the fact that this deserve to lead to clinical complications and also regret.

In most states if a tattoo is discovered on a minor as young together 14, authorities will investigate and also could prosecute whoever did the tattoo.

There aren’t numerous laws that explicitly restrict whereby a young can get tattooed, however individual tattoo shops execute limit wherein they will tattoo top top minors.

Most shops will certainly not tattoo ~ above a minor’s hands, fingers, or neck.

These constraints are design to safeguard the minor, your parents, and also the tattoo artist and shop from any type of legal or medical repercussions. 


In some claims it is not permitted for anyone to obtain a tattoo ~ above the face.

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For example, in Georgia it is illegal to obtain a tattoo within one customs of your eyes. You likewise cannot obtain offensive or hateful images tattooed, and most artists will certainly refuse to do those kinds of designs.

Tattooing top top minors in Texas is prohibited other than to sheathe existing obscene or hateful images.