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Hello folks. Just registered today. Just found this site when I was trying to get a value for my dad"s old Lefever shotgun. It has serial number 12667 stamped on the inside of the forearm, on the receiver, and on the barrel. Does any one know the year it was manufactured and what it" value might be? Thanks for any help.

COB,Lefever Arms made a single barrel trap gun, and a "long range" field gun, but not a "long range trap gun" Trap guns have a ventilated rib, and auto ejector. So what do you have? Please read the sticky note at the top of this forums page. We need some sort of idea of condition, and pictures if possible. Best regards, Kirk
If it is a D.M. Lefever Single Barrel Trap, it should be a 12ga w/26" bbl-32", and was made beween 1904-1906.They are so extremely rare, as to be unpricable, and are best priced via putting it in a well-advertized national auction at one of the major players.(EDIT) Kirk is correct, for Lefever Arms Single Barrel Trap guns. My bad.BTW - Lefever Arms also made a Long Range Field Single Barrel shotgun, also disc 1942, worth 25% less than the SBT.

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Not so rare in the midwest...Used to shoot with a gentleman who shot one. My book says from $600 for a minty one down to $225 for one in 60% condition. They were made until 1942. Autions are fine if you are a seller, not so good for establishing a value, and keeping a family hierloom.....Kirk
An excellent example of why everybody with questions needs to read the sticky B4 posting.Lefever Arms is not the same as D.M.Lefever - which I presumed, when the OP said "Lefever"..
Sorry guys as it does say Lefever Long Range Feild & Trap Gun on the top of the receiver. These old eyes of mine missed the feild part. It is a single shot with on VR. I have taken several pictures if you want a look see. Just send me your email and I will atttache them back to you. Send to
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